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MaKeBe - Italian brand designed with love for quality

Published: 2019-08-05 15:42:42 Categories: Lifestyle Rss feed , Products Rss feed

Logo Makebe


The history of MaKeBe creation reaches back to 1995, when Stefano Pozzo dedicated his life with huge passion to producing high-quality metal components. He had never forgotten about combining tradition with innovative solutions while making the components, which is incredibly stimulating for creation and application of new ideas. As a result of working along these rules, Stefano founded MaKeBe. Building on the experience gathered throughout 10 years, he created brand focused on producing technologically advanced clothing for riders and equipment for horses.

His ability to appreciate valuable and precious materials and precise craftsmanship helped him achieve his dream by creating MaKeBe brand, which was founded in 2015.

Design of the MaKeBe products renders the true character and history of the materials from which they are made, which is also an expression of style and Italian cultural heritage. Products of MaKeBe are wholly hand-made in Italy. Only the highest quality materials are used in their production. The producer's aim is to provide people wearing his clothes every day and using equestrian equipment with satisfaction and fulfillment. These products embody involvement, dedication, and creativity, which makes them stand out with style and elegance. An excellent complement to these ideas is using the highest-quality materials, new technologies, and maintaining old traditions. All MaKeBe products are characterized by their timeless and clean style that excellently fits their intended use.

MaKeBe combines technologically advanced materials with sophisticated natural fabrics, at the same time applying innovative solutions that are to increase the rider's comfort and provide the maximal utility of the products.

The MaKeBe brand is driven by deeply rooted family tradition, such as faith, loyalty, and honesty. These values are even in the brand's logo, which was inspired by the Balinese temple.

Technologies used in MaKeBe clothing:

Free Movement System - FMS in short, is a system improving the user's comfort. It is based on applying elastic materials in the areas of the shoulders and back. Their special shape and properly matched material properties cause the FMS show jackets to fit the rider's body and his or her movements, which equals providing maximal comfort.

Free Movement System

MaKeBe offers a wide range of products for riders and horses. You can find, among others:

Breeches - men's and women's characterized with very interesting and light patterns. Especially worth your attention are the dressage breeches Charlotte with a grip decorated with silicone inserts in the shape of MaKeBe's logo. Or men's breeches Cosimo with a grip made of Alcantara providing excellent adhesiveness.

Bryczesy Makebe

1. MaKeBe Women's dressage breeches Charlotte 2. Men's breeches Cosimo

Dressage and jumping show jackets - made of technical fabrics. A very interesting model of a show jacket is Nagy made of ceramic material. This material has a clear texture in the shape resembling little stars. For dressage riders, MaKeBe created a beautiful Deha model. It is equipped with inner fastening allowing you to use an ornamental Alcantara insert.

Fraki Makebe

1. Women's show jacket Nagy 2. Women's dressage show jacket Deha

Polo shirts made of technical fabric with cotton admixture that provide high freedom of movements and comfort of wearing. These shirts have delicate, eye-catching producer's logo placed, depending on the shirt's model, either on a stand-up collar, or a regular collar.

Koszulki polo Makebe

1. Women's polo shirt Atena 2. Men's polo shirt Eric

Show shirts - made of light and comfortable fabrics. Their patterns excellently match the producer's show jackets and other clothing elements, as well as various accessories signed by MaKeBe's logo.

Koszule konkursowe Makebe

1. Women's show shirt Dafne 2. Men's show shirt Louis

Socks made of special material that prevents them from shifting while wearing and helps to keep the skin dry while maintaining its natural pH.

Skarpetki Makebe


Accessories for riders - there are also accessories available in the offer: such as belts, backpacks, bags, bracelets, keyrings, even document cases.

Accessories for horses

Bits - LIMO BITS is a subbrand of MaKeBe that specializes in producing equestrian bits. LIMO bits are made of special antiallergic material of a texture excellently tolerated by most horses. Limo is a thermoplastic elastomer made in two different toughnesses, which is accepted by the Food and Drug institute, which means it is safe to use. Green bits are made of a soft elastomer, while red ones are made of a more hard elastomer. Elastomer is a material providing high comfort of use that does not irritate the horse's delicate muzzle. The bits have hexagonal shape and bibs on the sides. Metal elements are made of CNC aluminum and Swedish steel.

Wędzidła Makebe

1. Big EGG BUTT 65 soft bit  2. Big EGG BUTT 80 medium-soft bit

Boots - There are also front and rear boots in the offer. MaKeBe has three different front boots. The Template version, and the Sheepskin version. All kinds of front boots have interchangeable front cover. On the inside, they are lined with breathable neoprene with Lycra admixture. The shell is made of a very durable TPU material (thermoplastic polyurethane). The boots are fastened with elastic straps with triple adjustment. Rear (back) boots also come in the above mentioned three various versions, and also with one dedicated for young horses. They are made of the same materials with the use of the same technologies as the front boots. They have durable fastening with pegs, except for the version for young horses, which in accordance with FEI regulations have singular fastening with velcro. All boots are available in two sizes: M, and L, and colors: chocolate, and black.

Ochraniacze Makebe Temple

1. Front boots MaKeBe Temple 2. Back boots MaKeBe Temple

Rugs - made of fleece, designed for the maximal convenience of use and horse's comfort. They are characterized by a simple and exceptionally elegant design. The rugs are available in chocolate or blue.

Derka Makebe

1. Fleece rug

Saddle cloth - matching patterns and colors with the rug. It is characterized by excellent absorbance and comfort of use. Available in three colors: chocolate, blue, and white.

Czapraki Makebe

1. MaKeBe saddle cloth

Spurs and spur straps - they have a system of interchangeable tips, due to which the rider may choose how intense their action should be. The spurs have 7 different types of endings from smooth bolts to profiled rings (additional tips are sold separately). Available in a wide range of colors (e.g. black, blue, maroon, champagne etc.). The producer offers leather spur straps. In the basic version, they are available in black or brown. Model with colored leather is available in  the following colors: black, blue, green, pink, and yellow. The last model of straps have rubber inserts that prevent it from shifting and is available only in black. The buckle in this model is also black, unlike in the other versions, where the buckles are chrome.

Ostrogi Makebe

1. Unisex spur strap MaKeBe  2. Wave spurs with Tooth ergospur 3. Wave spurs with Buffer ergospur

Stirrups - made of light and durable aluminum alloy (the stirrups weigh 320 grams). Available in 9 colors, dressage or jumping version. The jumping version has a specially profiled surface providing better grip.

Strzemiona Makebe

1. Dressage stirrups Wave 2. Jumping stirrups Wave

The MaKeBe brand is pretty new on the equestrian market, however its values by which it stands while creating their products, translates into their uniqueness and extraordinary quality. These attributes should draw your attention to this producer. If you are looking for equestrian clothing and equipment that are polished and trimmed with attention to even smallest details, MaKeBe's offer is perfect for you. This producer's selection is very abundant, which is why you should find no obstacles in completing the elements of clothing as well as equestrian accessories and equipment.