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Mattes lambskin or faux fur saddle pad and girth - proper care

Published: 2022-05-04 08:31:21 Categories: Guides Rss feed , Products Rss feed


High quality riding equipment improves the comfort of the ride - both for the rider and the horse. Therefore, it is worth taking care of the equipment, so that it will serve us for as long as possible while also looking great. Find out how to properly care for Mattes saddle pads, girths and other wool and leather equestrian accessories.

Riders have a huge variety of riding equipment to choose from. While manufacturers are constantly introducing new solutions and technologies, some materials and methods have remained unchanged over the years. Still, natural leather and sheep or lamb fur are considered a very valuable material that works well for classic and western riding. Mattes is well aware of that and has been focusing on producing equestrian equipment using these natural materials since the mid-1980s.

Mattes saddle pads and girths with faux fur


  1. Mattes Correction+ dressage numnah saddle pad
  2. Mattes All purpose numnah saddle pad

Mattes makes lambskin girths and lambskin saddle pads. The girths have a soft finish that prevents chafing, while Mattes saddle pads effectively compensate for small differences in saddle fit, absorb shocks and evenly distribute the weight of the saddle and rider on the horse's back. All Mattes saddle pads have room for the spine so they don't put pressure on the spinous processes. All products are made using natural lambskin leather.

Lambskin and fur look very impressive and, most importantly, are distinguished by their excellent properties. The leathers are very resistant and effectively equalize temperature, making them perfect for both summer and winter. At the same time, they have an open structure, which ensures unrestricted air flow and has good depreciation properties. The leather evenly distributes weight and the wool fibers glide over the horse's coat preventing abrasions. The proteins in the lambskin have an antibacterial effect and the fur is extremely absorbent - it can absorb up to eight times its own weight before it becomes damp! Such excellent qualities make lambskin riding equipment perform exceptionally well, and once purchased it can serve the rider for many years.


  1. Mattes short girth with fur
  2. Mattes long girth with fur

But there's more. Mattes actually RECOMMENDS washing and tumble drying their products - unlike many other manufacturers who suggest brushing only. We all know that sweat, dust, hair and other dirt build up on the equestrian equipment very quickly. That's why it's crucial for accessories that come in direct contact with horses to be cared for regularly.

How to take care of Mattes saddle pads and girths and other sheep wool and leather riding supplies?


Lambskin can only maintain its properties if it is clean and dry. This is why proper care is so crucial. If you ride regularly, you can switch between several pads and girths and wash your Mattes riding equipment as often as once a week. Intensely sweat-soaked pads or girths should be washed immediately after being taken off the horse. For those who ride less frequently, the equipment can be washed after use, dried thoroughly and then kept in a dry place. Do not use plastic bags for storage.

The manufacturer recommends regular washing of equestrian equipment with fur or lambskin, with the use of a special product: Mattes detergent Melp for washing sheep wool. Ordinary washing powders and liquids can cause damage to leather and fur, while detergents designed for washing wool have properties that protect this type of material. Melp Mattes detergent keeps your riding gear flexible and durable even after many washes.


Lambskin riding gear should be washed at a temperature of up to 30°C. It is advisable to use the option for more water or to add water through the detergent dispenser (approx. 3-4 liters). Saddle pads should be washed turned inside out, with the inserts and Saddle fix tape taken out. All Velcro and zippers should be fastened. Girths are best washed in a laundry bag, although the fur needs to be washed more frequently. The faux fur can be washed on the same cycle as the girth, but should be placed outside the bag.

After washing, the manufacturer recommends drying in a cold air dryer, at a temperature of up to 30°C or in the shade (outdoors or in a well-ventilated room). Avoid drying on radiators or in the sun and ironing. When drying, gently shape the accessories.

Sometimes lambskins and furs of dark or vibrant colors can dye light-colored fabrics or trimmings. They can also discolor the coat of light-colored horses (simultaneously the color of the lambskin becomes lighter). To remove the discoloration of the horse's coat simply use a hand-washing paste available at DIY stores (it also works well for removing manure stains!).

It is quite a lot of information, but after just a few washes you will certainly memorize all the necessary steps. That way you can enjoy top quality riding gear for years to come - natural, durable and extremely impressive.

Here you will find all Mattes products available in our offer.

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