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Black Horse grooming supplies now available in Equishop!

Published: 2021-12-20 11:35:16 Categories: Products Rss feed


New horse care products now available in the equestrian store Equishop - check out horse grooming supplies from Polish brand Black Horse! Which of them will find their way into your shopping basket during your next shopping?

Every horse owner knows that grooming a horse can take a lot of time. Especially now, in the autumn-winter period, when the extensive mud and rainy weather can be hard on even the most patient horse caretakers, help with grooming seems to be invaluable. Fortunately, the Polish brand Black Horse is a reliable support - a real dark horse when it comes to grooming.


Black Horse - products made by specialists

Black Horse makes its products in response to the needs of horse lovers. The offered products combine care with preventive health care, and their high effectiveness is confirmed by veterinarians, smiths and riders. This is no coincidence: the Black Horse team is made up of experts in the equine industry who combine great knowledge with practice and... passion - because this is what all horse lovers have in common.

Black Horse adapts its offer to the needs of riders and their horses. What products can you find in Equishop?

Black Horse grooming products available in Equishop

Regular horse grooming, as well as before competitions, healthy hooves and fetlocks, preventing mud fever, a reliable way to remove stains from grey horses - in the Black Horse product range you will find products that can help you with any problem. What distinguishes them from other horse care supplies is their double action: the products are designed to take care of the coat, hair and hooves, and at the same time to have a health-promoting effect.

Black Horse shampoos

Black Horse offers several types of horse shampoos:


For those times when you can't bathe your horse it's a good idea to have Black Horse Quick Clean Dry Shampoo on hand to quickly remove mud, manure or grass stains. Black Horse Glossy Look Creamy Mask can serve as a complementary treatment.

Healthy hooves

Formulations full of natural ingredients from Black Horse nourish horses' hooves, moisturize them, and help treat thrush (frog rot). Horse caretakers have several choices of hoof care ointments and gels:


Properly selected products facilitate proper care to maintain healthy, strong hooves and, if necessary, support treatment of diseases.

Black Horse Mud Fever Ointment

Anyone who has dealt with a mud fever knows how much effort and time it takes to heal an infection of this type. Black Horse Skin Protection Mud Fever Ointment makes it easier to care for horse's fetlocks where eczema has appeared. The ointment contains tea tree oil and plant extracts, which have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and soothing properties. The addition of aloe vera supports the regeneration and healing of wounds, and allantoin together with vaseline facilitate the removal of crusts. After applying the Skin Protection Ointment, it creates a barrier on the wound, protecting it from external factors.


But that's not all - Black Horse offers riders baby wipes for horses - extremely practical for trips, cooling and warming liniments and mane and tail conditioners. The brand's products have a good reputation among riders, so it's worth trying out some of them - and thus taking even better care of your beloved animals. Which products will be useful for your horses?

For the full range of Black Horse products, click here.

If you have any questions or doubts, we are here to help.

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