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New on the market - Samshield Iconpack backpack

Published: 2016-05-20 09:50:29 Categories: Products Rss feed

Samshield Iconpack backpack

Recently Samshield presented a new product in their offer - Iconpack backpack. It is supposed to be a response to riders' requests, who are looking for something that would meet all their needs, but has not appeared on the market yet. This backpack's designers wanted to, along with Samshield's ambassadors, create a product exceptionally durable and stylish enough so it would be suitable for a journey ;)

After a year of preparations and tests, the Iconpack backpack was released. How does the final effect look? Together we will try to check it out! :)

plecak Samshield Iconpackplecak Samshield Iconpack

Iconpack provides us with the ability to store our equipment in a secure and organised way. It is its main and greatest asset. Who has not lost something during competition taking place out of town? One of the gloves, wallet, brush and thousand of other necessary things get lost in the chaos around competitions, or they turn out to be in a completely unexpected place after we come back home. The Iconpack backpack from Samshield allows you to pack all the necessary items as well as quickly find them and take them out even if they are on the backpack's very bottom.

Iconpack was equipped with lots of pockets and compartments, both inner and outer. You can find: - side pocket for a bottle of water, fly spray, shampoo or another preparation, which you can easily take out without opening the whole backpack, and that will not fall out due to solid welt; - side pocket with a flap fastened with snap - you can store smaller things here, that is: sweets, nails etc. - big side pocket with waterproof zipper for a laptop, pills and documents (including our passport and our horse's); - elastic straps to hold a whip/jumping bat; - upper pocket for coins, gloves, keys, payment cards, ID or driving license; - pocket for glasses; - detachable pocket for phone or camera, placed on the backpack's armstraps;

The front flap with mesh can be spread, by putting a helmet inside. Iconpack can be opened into two parts so you have access to both big compartments: pocket similar to those in suitcases and pocket made from mesh and zipped, designed for storing for example riding boots in it.


Iconpack is made from coated polyester 1200D, very durable, resistant and waterproof material.

Specially formed back of the backpack provides comfort and fit for longer period of wearing. The backpack's armstraps are regulated, elastic and comfortable. Additional chest strap allows for better distribution of weight and does not allow the straps to slip even if the Iconpack is heavily loaded. The bottom of Iconpack is resistant to rubbing off, being highly durable.

Iconpack is suitable for all weather conditions. It has waterproof zippers of its pockets and waterproof cover, which allows you to cover it fully and secure both the backpack and the helmet inside. There are reflective logotypes on the cover, due to which you will be visible to drivers. The cover can be stored in the bottom pocket of the backpack, which is invisible.

A label allows you to write the owner's name. Samshield also proposes to embroider a name/caption on the upper pocket of the backpack.

This backpack is available in two colouristic versions: brown/beige or black/green.

Iconpack's capacity is 25 l.


As you can see, the Samshield's designers approached this topic very professionally, by analysing and meeting almost all the riders' needs. Surely, its functionality will be appreciated mainly by the riders who attend competitions outside their own stables.

And what would you add, which according to you is a priority for each rider? :)

This backpack is already available HERE ;)

plecak samshield iconpack2