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Simple stable accessories that will make your life easier

Published: 2016-09-07 22:30:28 Categories: Lifestyle Rss feed , Products Rss feed

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When you visit your pet in order to take him on a training, you have to do a lot of preparations before and after the ride, which are time-consuming. Most of them are done in a stable. Before the ride you have to change, bring the tools to a stall, clean your horse, saddle him. After the ride, more often than not, you do some care treatment, or take care of the equipment. All in all, if you think it through and count the hours, it turns out that riding takes 1/2 or even 1/3 of the time spent in the stable. However, taking into consideration other responsibilities you have, such as everyday work, learning, and housekeeping, you might not necessarily want to spend in the stable that much time. What can you do to prevent it?

It is worth speeding the most ordinary activities. But how to do so? Below we show you a handful of products that might help you shorten the preparatory phase and the phase after training. What is more, the presented accessories will help you maintain arrangement and preserve your equipment in good shape :)

Preparing equipment

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Most of us cannot afford to put a storage locker or a crate for equipment next to a stall. Why? They take a lot of space in the stable hall, which usually is not wide enough. What is more, they cost quite a lot of money and not everybody can allow themselves to buy them.

But there are ways around it! A variety of holders and hangers are available on the market, which will allow you to put your equipment next to a stall and having easy access to it while saddling. You will also minimise the possibility of damaging your equestrian equipment, your horse stepping on it and affecting its construction, especially when it comes to saddles. The best for narrow halls would be those hangers which are foldable (4, 6, 7), because they will not be threatening for horses health when you would want to walk them out of the stable. If you often take part in competitions, the best would be holders and mobile saddle hooks.

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  1. Busse, saddle horse PVC, 199,00 €
  2. Busse, saddle cart Caddy, 109,00 €
  3. Busse, saddle rack Mobil, 37,90 €
  4. Busse, saddle bar, 18,90 €
  5. Busse, saddle rack standard, 17,50 €
  6. Busse, saddle rack Klappbar, 22,90 €
  7. Busse, saddle bar Klappbar, 17,50 €

There are also other racks and bars suitable for bridles and others. Most of us also often use breastplates, martingales and many other inventions, which take a lot of space and easy tangle. Bars and racks solve this problem. Especially interesting are those rubber models (7), on which you will never find any chips, are elastic and eliminate the risk of injuries in case one hits them. On competitions you can use those hooks that are possible to hung wherever (2, 5).

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  1. Busse, bridle hook PVC Deluxe, 3,50 €
  2. Busse, bridle bracket, 13,50 €
  3. Busse, bridle hook Metall, 4,75 €
  4. Busse, universal holder Pro, 2,45 €
  5. Busse, bridle hook Mobil, 6,55 €
  6. Busse, bridle hook PVC Deluxe, 19,90 €
  7. Busse, hook Flexi Pro, 2,95 €

Cleaning and care treatment

When you have all the equipment prepared, you start cleaning your steed :) Many horses fidget and are unable to stand still, or they are easily shying and panicking. Thus, it is good to tie your horse in the hall, so you have more space to maneuver and do not have to worry that your horse can smash you against a wall or unintentionally kick you. You will not always be able to tie your horse to constructive elements of the stall. In such case, it is worth installing a tie ring, or a fire brigade ring.

When you clean your horse in the summer, you may spot a very unpleasant "surprise" in his fur - horseflies' larvae and eggs, which are difficult to brush off. You won't get rid of them using a regular brush or even bathing your horse. In such case, it is good to invest in a special knife, which will help you get rid of those intruders.

Owners of grey horses also know other "surprises." On their bright fur you can perfectly see any stains of mud, grass and feces, which are difficult to clean. Bathing your horse before each training is not the best solution, especially in winters... So what can you do? On the market you can get for example stones for removing stains, which act like well-known pumice, but they are way more delicate and efficient.

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  1. Busse, grey horse stone Tidy, 4,75 €
  2. Busse, fly scraper, 5,95 €
  3. Busse, manure scoop Mistyboy Flexible, 34,50 €
  4. Busse, manure scoop Mistyboy Pro, 27,90 €

When you are ready to ride it might turn out that your horse has one more "special task" for you :P Cleaning relaxes the horse, improving his digestion, which results in frequent defecation. When your horse is standing in the stable hall, the result of such "relaxation" would probably not cheer you up. But there are simple solutions, which will allow you to quickly dispose of this problem - manure scoop sets ;)

Trimming and plaiting mane

We all know how tedious and difficult it can be to plait or trim your horse's mane. We want our four-hooved friend to look outstanding during competitions and on a manege... But he usually has a totally different opinion. He fidgets, raises his head rally high, sometimes even shakes it. In such situation you want to be done as soon as possible. How can you improve your work? The perfect tool for quick mane trimming is the penknife mane trimmer. Mane trimmed in that way looks natural, it perfectly dresses and at the same time you will avoid the effect of ideally straight monk fringe :)

Additionally, you can shorten the time spent on working if you have all the necessary items at hand. This will prevent you from constantly going somewhere else to get what you currently need. Practical velour bumbag with compartments for accessories for mane plaiting might be just the right choice.

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1. Busse, plait comb TopZop, 9,95 €

The comb will definitely simplify brushing the knots out of your horse's mane and making the most complicated plaits :)

2. Busse, braiding accessories kit Basic, 19,90 €

In the kit you will find mane comb, plastic needles, tool for splitting strands of hair and two clips.

3. Busse, braiding accessories kit Profi, 24,90 €

The kit consists of mane comb, mane clip, scissors, ripper and 4 blunt metal needles.

4. Busse, grooming box Stand-On, 62,00 €

It is a good solution if your horse is way higher than you or when he happens to raise his head while combing. This box is at the same time a mobile crate, which can contain a handful of your equipment.

Additional help

Interesting gadgets and items that might make your life easier, especially for those who wear jack boots are special boot hooks.

If you see that the leather equipment, for example bridle straps or stirrup leather are too long, you can easily correct them making additional holes with a special hole punch.

Back to stable

When you are back in your stable (especially during autumns and springs, when your horse change his fur), it turns out that your saddle pad, rug and any other materials (even your breeches and gloves) are covered with the horse's hair. You can get rid of it using a special brush, which you can later easily clean with running water. Your horse's hair might also get into the velcro fasteners by the saddle pad, wrappers or jacket - then it is worth trying a brush designated for such tasks, a velcro cleaner.

Your wet saddle pads and rugs will quickly dry on a hanger of any construction.

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  1. Busse, velcro cleaner, 9,95 €
  2. Busse, lint cleaner, 14,95 €
  3. Busse, rug rack, 23,90 €
  4. Busse, rug rack Klappar, 18,90 €
  5. Busse, rug rack standard, 23,90 €

After taking the saddle of your horse, you finally have some time to take care of you. Do you know that feeling, after a really tough training, when you are so exhausted you are unable to even take your shoes off? You can forget about this problem due to such gadgets as boot jacks :)

Feeding and supplementation after riding

When you are ready to leave, you remember that you have to let the groom know that the diet has changed. If it is complicated, you cannot be sure that the groom will remember everything you tell him. It is worth investing in a board, which you can hang on your horse's stall. It will allow you to correct and update your pet's menu. You would not have to spend more time in the stable just to keep an eye on your horse's dinner. Due to that board, anyone could give him his proper meal.

If you have any additions, supplements or electrolytes, which you want to be administered to your horse, a good investment might be a weekly rota, which also can be hung on the horse's stall. A person who will feed your horse will always remember about adding whatever you want. What is more, you can measure a weekly portion, thus prepare just the right amount for each day (7 cups = 7 days) :)


Do you know any product that make your everyday equestrian life easier? What do you think should also be on the list? :)

Busse is one of the biggest producer of equestrian equipment, a.o. stable accessories. All products presented above are available in our on-line Equishop store.