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Top 5 stirrups you should try out!

Published: 2022-09-12 08:44:44 Categories: Products Rss feed


Good quality stirrups have a great impact on the rider’s comfort, safety, and stability in the saddle. Check out our list of dressage and jumping stirrups that are worth your attention.

Equestrian brands better their products by using modern and innovative technologies or materials. Products that are made with attention to detail can widely affect the ride’s quality – and stirrups are one of the most essential parts of horse riding tack, necessary for every ride or competition. That means, stirrups need to give a rider the highest comfort and safety and at the same time, they need to be extremely durable.

Stirrups that are worth checking out

To ensure stirrups fulfill their functions to the highest standards, equestrian brands use high-quality, light and durable materials to manufacture them. Stirrups are also often equipped with a non-slip surface, which gives the rider’s foot better stability. Nowadays, stirrups more frequently have extra safety features, which ensure that the rider’s leg won’t get stuck in case of a fall. If you’re looking to buy new jumping or dressage stirrups, it’s best to choose a product with the features mentioned above. For your convenience, we have prepared a list of stirrups that are worth your attention.

1. Equiline X-Cel stirrups

These Italian-made stirrups are distinguished by their rounded shape (stirrups with no hard edges are perfect for sensitive horses). Their open/close safety system allows for quick release of the foot in case of an emergency. The part, where the rider holds their foot is slightly tilted and equipped with iron spikes (or rubber spikes, depending on the model) which gives extra stability. The stirrups are available in jumping or dressage versions.

2. Prestige Italia Stephi 2.0 A33 stirrups

These minimalistic stirrups are available in a few different colors. The stirrups are made of stainless aluminum material, which makes them extremely lightweight – it's the same material that is used to make airplanes! The stirrups have no sharp edges and the treads, the part that holds the rider’s foot, have a rough surface with spikes, which gives extra grip. 

3. Makebe Wave Lucky jumping stirrups

Wave Lucky stirrups are distinguished by their design that resembles the classical look of stirrups and the original colors of gold and pastel pink. However, the most important element of these stirrups is their tilted treads with anti-slip spikes, which increase the grip of the rider’s foot in the stirrup and at the same time increase the rider’s safety. The tilted treads provoke the natural position of the foot with the heel down and make it easier to maintain a good seat in the saddle. The stirrups are made of aluminum, which makes them very lightweight, durable, corrosion-resistant, and easy to clean.

4. Freejump Sotf Up Lite 2016 stirrups

These eye-catching stirrups are perfect for juniors and teenagers (and other people with a shoe size up to 39). The stirrups are striking, thanks to their futuristic design and colors. The stirrups are made of elastic material, which means they can give cushioning effect and joint protection for the rider. What’s more, the stirrups are extremely safe, since the colorful part opens in case of a fall, which prevents the rider’s foot from getting stuck. The comfortable and wide treads with a non-slip surface ensure better foot grip, which is especially important for jumpers. The non-slip treads are replaceable. The stirrups are distinguished by their high resistance to mechanical damage.

5. Freejump Air’s Custom stirrups

These stirrups are worth mentioning because of a few innovative features. The Freejump Air’s Custom stirrups are made of stainless steel and the treads are made of polyamide. Under the wide, non-slip treads, there are special cushions that are responsible for shock absorption. This increases the rider’s comfort and protects their joints. The design of the stirrups features an angled stirrup strap eye, which makes it hang tilted allowing the rider to find the stirrup much more easily and enforces the correct leg position.

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