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Veredus horse boots admitted to use by FEI!

Published: 2021-03-22 12:20:55 Categories: Guides Rss feed , Products Rss feed , Sport Rss feed


People taking part in equestrian competitions should know that the regulations regarding the use of back horse boots have changed.

Horse's legs require special protection, especially when you put your horse through a lot - e.g. intense training sessions and competitions. Then, your horse is vulnerable to injuries and traumas. In order to prevent that, you should use jumping boots. There are more and more models available on the market, so making a choice of which boots to choose can be increasingly difficult. It is good to get to know the FEI (and your national federation) regulations and choose such boots for your horse that have been accepted by the equestrian organizations. That would help you make sure the chosen equipment is of high quality and allow you to use the same boots for training sessions and competitions.

Which jumping boots for young horses from Veredus meet the standards?

The International Federation for Equestrian Sports (FEI) has updated the regulations regarding jumping boots for young horses (5-8 years) at the beginning of 2021. You can find detailed information in the rules - it is the 257.2.4 article from FEI Jumping Rules and it is binding from 1st January 2021. Only back boots described in this article can be used during international jumping competitions with young horses. The rules are available on the FEI website in English. Analogically, the information should be available in the regulations of your national federations in the official language of your country. What do the points pertaining to the back boots for horses say?


  1. Veredus Grand Slam Young Jump boots  2. Veredus Young Jump Vento boots 3. Veredus Young Jump Vento Save the Sheep boots

For young horses, back boots must be up to 16 centimeters long on the inner side and the width of the fastening has to be at least 5 centimeters. The protective element must be on the inner side of the fetlock. The back boots with an additional protective part for the fetlock (the so-called flap) can be used only if that part is made of an elastic material and its sole purpose has to be additional protection. Sheep fur is allowed in these boots. The inside of a boot must be smooth with no pressure points. It is acceptable that these boots have a seam connecting the protective part with the inner lining of the boot.

2021 FEI Rules Hind Boots

Mind the fastening type! For young horses, FEI allows only non-elastic neoprene velcro closures. Thus, you won't be allowed to use boots with pegs or hooks. What is also important is that the horse boots shouldn't have any additional rubbers between the boot and the neoprene strap.

 What else should you know? 

- The weight of the equipment on one horse's legs cannot be more than 500 g.

- All fastenings have to be unidirectional.

  • Limitations pertain to all national and international competitions.


Which Veredus horse boots are cleared for competitions with young horses?

The most suitable would be boots from the Veredus Young Jump line.

Boots for older horses - guidelines

Rules allow more freedom in equipment for older horses, but using boots for young horses would be a good solution. Back boots for older horses can be up to 20 centimeters long. They can be fastened with velcro closures, pegs, hooks, but you cannot use ones with buckles, reverse velcro, or snaps. The fastening has to directly link one part of the boot with another - without wrapping around it. Such fastening must be at least 5 centimeters wide, but it's also allowed to have two fastenings that are 2,5 centimeters wide.


1. Veredus Carbon Gel Vento Save the Sheep back boots  2. Veredus Carbon Gel Vento back boots

Which Veredus boots are cleated for competitions with horses over eight years old? You can use boots with velcro closures (Vento, Vento Save The Sheep, TR Pro, Pro Jump), or ones with pegs (Carbon Gel Vento, Kevlar Gel Vento, Carbon Gel Vento Save The Sheep, Grand Slam Carbon Gel, Olympus, Pro Jump Elastic, Pro Jump Short), but also the aforementioned boots from the Young Jump line.


1. Veredus TRC Vento Save the Sheep back boots 2. Veredus TRC Vento back boots

Other regulations regarding jumping boots for horses

Rules of FEI and national federations talk a lot about horse boots and often change. It is good to try and keep up with the updated e.g. with the use of comfortable FEI RuleApp. According to the norms, the rounded part of the boot has to be on the proper height on the inner side of the fetlock, and if the boots have inner protective elements, these also have to be on the inner side of the fetlock. Rubber rings for fetlocks are allowed as long as they are properly fitted. It is forbidden to use fetlock straps. The rules also forbid using additional elements on the boots or under the boots. In all categories, you can use bandages instead of boots.


1. Veredus Pro jump Elastic boots   2. Veredus Pro jump Short Vento Elastic boots

Good to know! The consequences of using the wrong equipment may be very serious. Judges may be late to spot the wrong boots (sometimes it's really impossible without taking them off the horse's legs) - and the responsibility for using irregular equipment falls on the rider. Fortunately, in case of any doubts, you can approach a judge before your turn and ask if your horse's boots meet the required standards.



Detailed rules are always adjusted to the horse's well-being and proper care of the horse's legs. Boots cannot cause any discomfort, they serve solely to protect the sensitive and vulnerable to injuries parts of the horse's legs. It's good to get to know the rules and read the particular regulations you need or to purchase boots from a tested producer - Veredus. We wish you fruitful training sessions and successes at competitions!

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