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10 gadgets useful in stable

Published: 2018-12-31 11:43:36 Categories: Guides Rss feed , Products Rss feed

10 Gadżetów do stajni

When it's time to furnish your own stable, experiences from other centers make us want to do it right. What should you supply your stable with, so that it wouldn't be one of these places that always lack something?
If you love horses since you can remember, you surely have visited many stables. Some lacked useful accessories or had only some provisory substitutes that could do nothing more than just look alike. There were also stables in which something would constantly go missing as if there was a black hole behind an old cabinet in the saddle room, which could absorb the necessary equipment. What is worth keeping in mind to avoid making other people's mistakes?

1. Name board

Your horse's name board on the stall door is a beautiful and practical habit. It makes it easy to recognize the animal, shows his pedigree and adds certain atmosphere to the stable. Sometimes, it's good to place additional info on the board: e.g. a red ribbon if the horse has the habit of biting or kicking.

In stables where most animals are only kept temporarily (e.g. for breeding), it's good to have washable boards. They are also perfect for horses with health issues - they will allow you to write down the most crucial info and control the development of the issues.

Tabliczki na boks

2. Hay net

Due to its advantages, it's becoming a more and more popular solution both for stables and paddocks, both for everyday use and in transport. It allows the horse to slow down the intake of hay, which is beneficial to his health and will keep him busy for longer. Responsible horse owners would probably love the fact that the hay will no longer be everywhere in the stall and hallway, which will make keeping the stable clean much easier. It is also a great way to save money!

Siatka na siano

3. Saddle and bristle hanger

It's a simple solution that will allow you to take care of pieces of equipment that usually break and lose their shape while left anywhere, and can serve you for years if stored properly. What is more, these hangers will allow you to keep your space tidy and help you avoid any possible tangling of things and your equipment will always be ready for you to use it. These hangers are also useful while cleaning and maintaining equestrian equipment and make it easy for the equipment to dry off if necessary. Your stable will also look very professional with them inside - that's quite a lot of advantages for simple hangers, isn't it?

Wieszak na siodło i ogłowie

4. Bridle bracket

A smart and quick way to get rid of tangled girths and halters from nooks of your stable. It will also be useful for competitions, trips and leaving your horse in a pension. This bracket can be hanged on the stall door without any kind of montage (all hail gravity!) and it will allow you to keep all crucial things in one place: halter, girth, a hoodie you took to the stable cause it was cold (and then it seemed like your horse was limping, so your blood pressure started running high), even brushes in a net with string. To sum up: a remarkably useful gadget that will fit into your backpack or bag.

Hak na boks

5. Folding bucket

If you can think of only a few uses for this product, your life will add at least a dozen more. Giving out snacks to all your hooved friends, watering and feeding your horses during a ride, trip or competition, or even moving your own things from place to place - that's just a few examples. It's always good to have a bucket at hand in the stable. Even better if it takes almost no space - it's folded!
Wiadro składane

6. Leather hole punch

A kit for a small saddlemaker will be useful in every stable. If you ever need a new hole in your equestrian equipment, you will get it done in ten seconds. You will save: a month of preparation to make a hole, searching for a proper nail, consulting other riders and finally - an ugly picked hole that would ruin your favorite halter. This hole punch doesn't take much space, and it can be useful, so it would be a shame to give up on it. We recommend it especially for stables that are visited by many people (including kids) or horses in trainings and for pensions.

Dziurkacz do skóry

7. Mineral block holder

It's obvious that we can hang a mineral block on a string (that regularly tears), put somewhere (where your horse would constantly move it, kick and make dirty), or just give up on it. None of these solutions seems like a dream to us. A simple mineral block holder will make it easy to place a healthy snack for your horse and also easier for your horse to use it! That, in turn, will allow them to intake microelements that they need and you will be sure that you do anything in your power to give them all the best. Because all in all, that's your goal.

Uchwyt na lizawkę

8. Weekly rota for supplements and drugs

A very convenient way to remember about administering drugs and supplements to your loved ones. Each horse has other needs, sometimes other ailments. If there are more horses in your stable, sometimes it might sleep your mind to give one a double dose or be unsure early in the morning if the supplement was supposed to go to Red or Gray. This special box will take that burden off your shoulders and make it super easy to give your horses those supplements they really need.

Pojemnik na leki

9. Shoe wiper

Every person who just rolled their eyes - remember how many times have you gone for a horse to the paddock with clean shoes and came back with two lumps of mud instead of your favorite riding boots? How many times were you just about to leave the stable, but you had a little surprise from the stall stuck under your sole, and you had just cleaned your car? This wiper is practical and will cause positive feedback from people visiting the stable or keeping their horses in the pension. It seems like a minor amenity, but such elements comprise for a satisfying whole: horse- and rider-friendly, well-thought out and professional stable.

Czyszczak do butów

10. Gadfly trap

It's a real savior on the lunge arena, paddock, manege and around the stable in the summer. Unlike many charms and ways that probably most riders have tried (cloves, paraffin, special sprays...) this trap just works. And it's an indisputable advantage. A relief for the riders and horses, who can finally get rid of the burdensome insects - priceless. Especially since the summertime is such a busy period full of hard work.
Pułapka na gzy
Some might think that such accessories are unnecessary, but those who use them know that such equipment makes everyday functioning in the stable much easier. They allow to keep your stable clean, organizes and also you to save some money. It's worth to try using at least some of these gadgets so you can check if they make a difference.

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