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Hey Sport Wash – washing equestrian clothing has never been this easy!

Published: 2022-04-22 15:32:42 Categories: Guides Rss feed , Products Rss feed

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Riding equipment is usually made from various technical fabrics, which contain specific properties that the users want to maintain. Therefore, a question might pop up in the rider’s head – how to take proper care of my riding clothes and make them fresh without losing their shape or properties? 

How to wash riding clothes? 

People working with horses on an everyday basis know how quickly the clothes start to smell like horses and somehow catch every piece of dirt that lies in a stable. All kinds of horse stains and dirt are a nightmare to every rider. However, there are ways to get rid of them, even from your favorite part of light colored breeches. 

Many people wash their riding clothes, for example riding pants (breeches or riding tights), with a normal laundry detergent. However, even a mild detergent poses a threat to the properties of equestrian clothing. 


Technical fabrics, such as softshell or silicon seats in breeches, have a specific structure of micro-holes or a membrane (in case of waterproof fabric) that get clogged with detergent residues and in consequence lose their shape, waterproofness, or structure. 

Riding gear should be washed in a washing machine according to the producer’s information placed on the tag with the use of adequate washing detergent that will leave the clothes squeaky clean and fresh.

Which washing detergent for riding clothes should you choose?

It is recommendable to choose a washing detergent specially designed for technical riding clothes. Combined with warm or hot water, it will provide the best and most satisfactory results. Even dressage riders with their white breeches will be pleased with the outcomes!

In Equishop you can find washing detergents which will be perfect for refreshing riding clothes. They are safe for children as well as adults and will leave your skin intact and without any irritation. 

Hey Sport Tex Wash – washing detergent for equestrian technical fabrics

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You can machine wash winter breeches, jackets, windbreaker jackets. Even horse rugs can be washed in a washing machine. However, sometimes it can take a massive effort to make them completely clean and fresh. 

Never Again!

Washing detergent and stain remover Hey Sport Tex Wash is suitable for waterproof fabrics and all kinds of clothes with softshell materials. With this detergent, washing your clothes is no longer a chore. It will leave your show shirts and riding breeches smelling nicely fresh and free from any, even the smallest, specks of dirt. 

It is vital to pour the correct amount of detergent into the washing machine (15ml) and set the wash cycle and temperature adequately to the manufacturer's instructions. Sometimes a gentle cycle or cold water may be a better choice than warm water. 

And that’s it!

The detergent contains special, strong cleaning properties but it does not clog fabric holes. Thanks to this, riding clothes keep their waterproof or windproof properties. 

The detergent is safe for children and adults because it does not contain any bleaching agents or irritants. 

Hey Sport Micro Wash – antistatic washing detergent for technical fabrics

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Washing and cleaning clothes made from microfiber or fleece can often cause problems due to the properties of such materials that make the dirt stick easily. 

This stain remover effectively gets rid of them without deteriorating any of the material properties. 

Additionally, thanks to anti-static properties, the clothes do not electrify. Fleece can easily pick up static, which can be bothersome during work or riding. This is why it is better to choose a detergent that will prevent this. 

Advantages of Hey Sport Wash washing detergents


It is good to wash riding clothes regularly, and thanks to Hey Sport Wash they will remain of good quality for longer. For fresh clothes after washing, pour 15 ml of the product into the washing machine. The detergent contains 250 ml of the product so it will last for up to 17 washes!


Questions may arise about the detergent’s ingredients and its effect on the skin. Thanks to carefully selected ingredients, it is a safe choice for children, adults and animals.


From now on, your washed clothes will always be fresh and free from unpleasant smells thanks to Hey Sport Wash detergent, which penetrates deeply into the fabric, cleaning it and leaving all its properties and holes in the fabric intact.

After washing, use a clothes dryer or let them air dry. In case of the latter, avoid direct sunlight.

If you are looking for the best quality equestrian equipment for your horse or for the rider, make sure to check out the Equishop equestrian store.

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Equishop equestrian store: +48 784 039 784


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