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How to fall off a horse, but safely – equestrian safety equipment

Published: 2021-10-05 12:39:00 Categories: Guides Rss feed , Products Rss feed


Every horse rider has to bear in mind the risks of falling off a horse - it is an integral part of the sport. And even though falling off tends to happen unexpectedly, we can actually get prepared and think about our own safety. Check out which protective equipment to use while horseback riding and how to reduce the risk of falling.

"The hardest thing about learning to ride a horse is the ground!" - riders joke, as a numer of them has had the opportunity to experience it first-hand. Fortunately, most falls are harmless, but every horse riding enthusiast should take measures to minimize the risk. It is also a good idea to equip yourself with accessories that will help you avoid getting injured in case of a fall.

Equestrian protective gear

The importance of the rider’s protection during the ride is illustrated by the horse riding competitions safety rules. We can find there provisions which state that each person taking part in the competition should be wearing an approved riding helmet, and additionally (in case of riders under 15 years old and cross-country riders) a protective vest.


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These rules should be followed during riding sessions as well. A helmet is a bare minimum of protection and should be the first purchase at the beginning of our adventure with riding. In the event of a fall it protects the head and face from injury, for instance from being kicked by a horse. In general, riding schools provide helmets to the students, but it is best to have your own hat, which you know fits your head well and is of high quality.


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More and more people use protective vests while horseback riding. It is a good idea to use such protection during trainings. In the event of a fall a vest protects our spine and chest. There is a truly harmful myth of wearing safety vests, according to which beginners do not need such accessories. Quite the opposite! It is the beginners who are most at risk and should take special measures to protect themselves.


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A particularly dangerous situation when it comes to falling off a horse is when the foot gets caught in the stirrup. Such an event increases the possibility of an injury. Therefore, it is a good idea to consider using the so-called safety stirrups, whose mobile part opens in case of a fall. Stirrups with baskets are an alternative. They make it impossible for the foot to fall deeper into the stirrup. Keeping the stirrup bar down may also be a good option. In an emergency situation, this piece together with the stirrup leather will completely detach from the saddle.

How to reduce the risk of falling off a horse?

Choosing high quality horse riding equipment and using protective clothing is one thing, but there are still a few steps we can take in order to reduce the risk of falling.


  • Training under the supervision of an experienced instructor who will choose exercises depending on your skills, and in case of fear will not exert pressure. Trusting the trainer, together with his or her valuable tips bring the rider great mental comfort.
  • Learning the right way to fall off a horse. There is a technique for falling off a horse that minimizes the risk of injury. According to this method, as you fall, you should let go of the reins and curl up into a ball, allowing your body to roll on the ground. Unfortunately, during a fall it is often too late to think about it, but practicing this technique on a soft mattress can positively affect our reaction in case of such a situation.
  • Safe Horses. Choosing an equestrian centre with well-trained horses is crucial for our own safety. If you have your own horse, make sure to provide it with regular exercise. That will keep your animal calm, relaxed and willing to cooperate.
  • Exercises to improve balance and overall body fitness - good balance, reflexes, dexterity and flexibility make it harder to be caught off guard - our body is then able to react to unexpected situations in the saddle better. Regular exercises such as yoga and stretching are a good idea.

To make sure you stay safe and sound during your horse riding sessions, check out Equishop’s wide range of equestrian helmets and protective vests.

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