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Protective vests Dainese Balios Level 3 Beta

Published: 2017-08-16 16:52:34 Categories: Products Rss feed

Balios Vest



Everybody knows that horse riding is a beautiful, but also a quite dangerous sport, especially those who have experienced injuries as consequences of a fall. Falls happen to everyone. Their frequency depends on the rider's advancement level, the horse and to some degree, on the discipline. Frankly, jumping riders are most prone to fall from their horses than people riding in the dressage discipline. Couches always say to "fall to the inside, don't let go of the reins and don't get tangled in the stirrups." Falls while jumping are the worst and most dangerous.


The very basics is good equipment, namely a solid riding helmet with a VG1 norm. We recommend SAMSHIELD's helmets, as they are very safe, comfortable, and at the same time beautiful. Another thing that will provide you with protection while falling is a protective vest. Many riders do not want to wear it while riding. It is understandable. For many years, vests were produced as huge, uncomfortable, heavy and impractical mail. This flaw was observed by Lino Dainese, founder and owner of DAINESE that specializes in the production of comfortable and super safe clothing for bikers. Using their experience gained in the motorcycling field, they designed a horse riding vest, which is comfortable and safe. They designed and produced MILTON SOFT vests in ladies, men and junior versions. This vest provides full protection of the rider's back and chest. Due to its material special construction in a shape of honeycomb, this vest adjusts to the rider's body position. The material is made of nitrile rubber, which due to perforation allows proper body ventilation, thus you won't feel too hot in this vest. This model has the CE EN 13158:2009 level 1 certificate, which means that this vest can be used during national competitions. Another model we'd like to recommend is a light riding vest ALTER – REAL with protective material only on the back. Its characteristics is the same as it is in the case of MILTON SOFT, namely it has the rotating honeycombs. Another advantage of every DAINESE protective vest is that they are very easy to keep them clean. You shouldn't wash them in washing machines or give it to the cleaner's. All you have to do is to wipe it with a cloth or sponge soaked in warm water.

Milton and Alter vests

1. Milton Soft E1 Ladies' Vest; 2. Milton Soft E1 Men's Vest; 3. Alter-Real Ladies' Vest; 4. Alter-Real Men's Vest


People riding in CROSS of EVENTING have very high needs. The needs are dictated both by the disciplines themselves and by jurors. Both skills and protection level are important here. Riders of these disciplines are bounded by the regulations to wear protective vests and helmets meeting all the necessary standards during competitions. These regulations are strictly obeyed during all competitions, and riders who fail to own proper equipment and equestrian accessories or ones that are too worn-out are immediately being disqualified, and they have no right to appeal from that decision. Knowing this, DAINESE designed a special protective vest - BALIOS 3. This vest has the CE EN 13158:2009 European norm and the British BETA 2009 LEVEL 3, namely the certificate of the British Equestrian Federation. What does it mean? It means that this vest protects the rider's body in case of a fall. Material of which it's made is supposed to absorb the shocks and impact. It lowers the risk of broken bones, bruises, etc. up to 80%. BALIOS 3 is a very light model. It has 3 filling layers shaped in hexagons. This protective vest is made in the FLEXAGON technology, which means that layers of the protective material could move in order to perfectly fit to the rider's body. Each of the hexagons can rotate 30, 90 and 150 degrees without leaving any space in the protective layers due to the ability of absorbing free space. What is more, it is the CRASH ABSORB retention foam with shape memory. Another features of BALIOS 3 are: lightness, high air penetrability, elastic system of attaching the vest to pants and providing unrestricted movements for the rider.

Bailos 3

1. Balios level 3 beta ladies' protective vest; 2. Balios level 3 beta men's protective vest

We are impressed by this vest. We also know for sure that it perfectly does what it is supposed to do.

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