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Novelties from Samshield

Published: 2017-06-13 16:21:29 Categories: Products Rss feed

As we all know, the French brand SAMSHIELD is producing extra safe helmets that apart from being safe (they have the VG1 safety certificate) are also beautiful and stylish. Meeting the customers' needs, SAMSHIELD created TECHNICAL WEAR collection. It is a line of elegant, beautiful and functional clothing designed for horse riding. It was made of materials of the highest quality that are easy to keep clean, quick-dry and elastic so they can perfectly fit the rider. Samshield TECHNICAL WEAR collection includes ladies' breeches and men's breechesshow shirts and show jackets. An additional asset of this collection is its constant availability on the market and the possibility of ordering particular models, like in the case of products from different producers when it comes to their CLASSIC lines. All the clothes from SAMSHIELD TECHNICAL WEAR collection, apart from the aforementioned advantages, are very comfortable (we tried them) and everybody wearing them would look just lovely and professional :)

Bryczesy Samshield Technical LineSamshield Technical Line Breeches

Just as in the case of the helmets, this producer cares about the quality, not quantity. This collection is not very abundant, but has something to offer for everybody, even the most demanding riders. Our particular attention was caught by LADIES' SHOW SHIRTS. The navy blue CELIE with a beautiful white stand-up collar decorated with a characteristic S, made of pressed elastic material and with sleeves made of perforated fabric. For those who prefer classic white, we recommend the astonishing APOLLINE, also with a stand-up collar and airy sleeves. To complete the set, you can wear the HORTENSE or ADELE breeches. Both these models are made of a very sensuous and elastic material that perfectly fits to the body and gives the maximal comfort, like a second skin. Both models are also equipped with a knee grip, providing perfect adhesion to the saddle. In our offer we have two colours of the breeches - white for competitions and navy blue, perfect for trainings.

Koszule i koszulki Samshield Technical LineSamshield Technical Line polo and show shirts

Of course, the producer thought also about the men doing horse riding and designed comfortable and elastic MACEAU breeches for them that are trimmed with a colourful thread by the belt loops and shammy trimming by the pockets. There is also an elegant POLO CHARLES shit that would be perfect both for competitions and among high societies :)

Fraki Samshield Technical Line
  Samshield Technical Line show jackets


Just like in the case of the helmets and gloves, which were made with passion, love and diligence, this clothing line is also well-thought-out and designed with care even for the littlest details. Both men's and ladies' breeches have a rubber insert on the inner side of the belt in order to prevent the trousers from slipping in case you forget your belt. The breeches also have a smooth elastic bottom of the legs.

We are enchanted by this collection. It definitely meets our expectations. The fact that it was made by SAMSHIELD makes it only better in our eyes, since their helmets, gloves, even hoodies and vests have never disappointed us. We hope you will agree with us.

We recommend to browse through and complete you own unique sets.

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