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Spring collections overview – Equishop

Published: 2022-04-29 13:02:46 Categories: Products Rss feed


"You can't cheat nature" - it's a nice phrase to describe the new spring collections in Equishop. Technical materials, rich colors, functionality and style. These words perfectly describe the latest equestrian collection of Samshield, Kingsland, Animo, Pikeur and Equiline. Dear rider, horse lover - would you like to put together the perfect equestrian outfit? Let us introduce you to several models, which are this season's absolute MUST HAVE for every equestrian!


Samshield Alta Baida women's equestrian down vest

As the weather has been very unstable recently, our little review of the spring equestrian collections will begin with Samshield vests. They will be the perfect clothing for those colder, windy days. Down-filled, warm and waterproof vests with a detachable hood are, above all, a practical choice. They are tailored so as to ensure maximum comfort and at the same time fit the body elegantly. And the Samshield logo, an 'S' composed of Swarovski crystals, shines proudly on the chest. Fashionable, stylish, comfortable, practical - what else could you ask for?


  1. Kingsland Ona ladies equestrian hoodie
  2. Kingsland Orla ladies short horse riding hoodie

However, for those colder days, a riding vest alone is not enough. But what if you matched it with the latest sweatshirts from Kingsland? The ONA and ORLA hoodies. Both hoodies feature a hood and ribbing at the bottom and around the cuffs. The ONA sweatshirt is made from a two-layer material, which provides warmth and is pleasant to the touch. Additionally, the sweatshirt has zippered pockets. It is durable and highlights the rider's body. It's a perfect choice both for horse riding training and everyday horse care. It will also work well with everyday outfits. Choosing the ORLA hoodie, on the other hand, we find a perfect combination of functionality and comfort, fitting in with current trends. Similarly as in ONA sweatshirt, we can identify a soft and pleasant to the touch, warm fabric, which guarantees high comfort of wearing.


Kingsland Naina Tec Micro pique ladies polo shirt

Speaking of Kingsland, we can't help but mention their latest polo shirt, which is absolutely stunning. It is definitely made for the horse riding enthusiast, it has short sleeves and perfectly emphasizes the figure. NAINA, to be precise, looks stylish and goes fantastically well with breeches. A great advantage of this shirt is its soft, quick-drying and, above all, breathable technical fabric. It is worth mentioning that it ensures comfort and is a perfect choice for equestrian training.


  1. Animo Fibi women's riding t-shirt
  2. Animo Lefleur women's riding wind jacket

And speaking of comfort and good choices for training, have a look at the FIBI short sleeve t-shirt and the LEFLEUR riding jacket. Both of these are models from the excellent Italian manufacturer Animo. And it seems that the Animo brand speaks for itself, so we will describe the FIBI jersey briefly. Comfortable, fitted cut, with a round neckline, breathable, lightweight and quick-drying. It is made of soft jersey fabric and can be easily washed at temperatures up to 40 degrees. The LEFLEUR riding jacket is a typical, so-called windbreaker, made of 100% polyester fiber. Although the material is thin and light, it is windproof and prevents water from getting underneath the jacket.


  1. Pikeur Vilja women's riding shirt sportswear
  2. Piekur Mie women's riding hoodie athleisure

Wouldn't you say that horseback riding is a demanding sport? But do you know who adds pleasure into it? Definitely the Pikeur brand. The equestrian clothes by this brand are, above all, fantastic in terms of quality, functionality, style and also affordable in terms of the price. Therefore, in our spring collection overview, we cannot forget about this manufacturer. Let's take a look at the VILJA equestrian sports t-shirt. This is a comfortable T-shirt that goes well with both regular jeans and breeches, so we can already see an advantage of this t-shirt - it can be worn both for everyday activities and for equestrian training. Although it is a rather fitted cut, the material is quite stretchy, which makes it comfortable to wear. Moreover, the t-shirt is made of technical, quick-drying material and has a surprisingly striking print that certainly stands out from other shirts. Pikeur has also produced phenomenal MIE riding sweatshirts in this collection. These sweatshirts are made of soft, pleasant material for maximum comfort. They have a hood, as well as ribbing at the bottom and cuffs. Just like the Kingsland sweatshirts, this one is also suitable for colder days, both for everyday use and for riding training.


Pikeur Pauleen women's riding jacket selection

Since we are already talking about use in various conditions - have you seen Pikeur PAULEEN jacket? Elegant, the most fashionable cut of the spring-summer 2022 season. This quilted jacket definitely adds a nice touch to your outfit. It is made of polyester and polyamide, whereas the filling provides lightness and fluffiness. Stylish, comfortable and practical. Perfect for equestrian training and day-to-day use.


  1. Pikeur PAULI women's sneakers selection
  2. Pikeur ONOU women's sneakers athlesure

Pikeur has also introduced two models of sneakers for this season. PAULI are sneakers with both a sporty and elegant touch. Available in white and black, they are low cut and have a large logo at the back. The sole, on the other hand, is made of foam. All this makes the shoes stylish and comfortable, suitable for shopping, going to work or to the stable. The second ONOU model are typical sneakers. The thick but foamy sole, which adapts to any foot, also provides more amortization. The upper material is 3D Air Mesh, for lightness and breathability. The shoe inside is flexible, which gives a huge amount of comfort by individually adapting to the foot and reducing pressure. Additionally, the sneakers are equipped with a neoprene lift, which guarantees stability. Silicone prints emphasize the sporty look. This model is available in two colors: white and black. To sum up: nice, sporty, comfortable and practical.


  1. Equiline Erae women's equestrian fleece pants
  2. Equiline Eglege women's full-zip riding hoodie

Talking about sporty equestrian clothing - have you seen the latest tracksuit from Equiline? No? Then be sure to take a look, because it will be love at first sight! ERAE sweatpants are an absolute MUST HAVE. They are made of soft material, ensuring both comfort and a casual look. Two pockets, a soft drawstring hem, a drawstring waistband for a better fit and two ribbons with printed logos on the sides are definitely a bonus. Comfort comes first! The pants can be matched with an EGLEGE sweatshirt. A classic zip-up sweatshirt with a hood, characterized by high quality material, as it is flexible and breathable - ideal both for horse riding training and leisure time. It features a double zipper closure and has two single zipper pockets as well as comfortable welts. The whole set is available in two colors: sand and navy blue. Wouldn't they go great with Pikeur sneakers? Just imagine this outfit!


Equiline Elsage women's ultra light riding jacket

And for the slightly colder days, we recommend adding the ELSAGE quilted jacket to this outfit. Ultra-thin, perfect for equestrian training and everyday use. Warm, comfortable, waterproof, with a two-way zip. It seems that Equline is prepared for all kinds of weather and all sorts of preferences this season.

Dear horse lovers and horse riding enthusiasts, dear riders - don't wait, don't overthink, don't fool yourself! You need practical, functional, comfortable and stylish clothing. The brands mentioned above offer you all this. In addition, you can find all these models from different manufacturers in one store. It's high time to visit the Equishop equestrian store and stock up on the latest equestrian fashion trends!

If you're looking for spring equestrian equipment to create a fancy look for a rider, make sure to check out Equishop's offer.

Equishop equestrian store: +48 784 039 784


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