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Veredus Save The Sheep

Published: 2018-09-17 17:18:05 Categories: Products Rss feed

Save The Sheep logo

Protecting the horse's legs during training and other physical activities in crucial. Your horse's legs' health has impact on his whole organism. Probably, every rider knows boots and other products from Veredus, which are characterized by perfect quality of production and used materials. Veredus is known for their products' durability and for providing a very high level of protection. For years, the brand had been using genuine leathers combined with durable artificial materials. Genuine leather has many pros in using and is valued by its users, but the innovative technology allows to produce synthetic leather, which has all the advantages of traditional leather and, what is more, nullifies its disadvantages. Veredus, recognizing this material's potential and pluses, decided to create an innovative line of boots that would be based on the highest-quality synthetic leather. So what are the advantages for a rider and his/her horse that come out of using this new product? Let's take a closer look at the Save the Sheep line of products.
Logo Veredus STS

This new line of boots is advertised with the tagline "Save the Sheep," which has a clear message that these products were created without applying products of animal origin.
"Save the Sheep" line (STS) includes well-known models of Veredus boots, i.e. Carbon Gel Vento, Pro-Jump, Young-Jump Vento, TRC Vento, Safety Bell bellboots, Pro Wraps bandages, and an innovative TRS boot (only in STS version for now), which is a comfortable, durable boot that provides freedom of movements and has many possible uses.
Ochraniacze na nogach

Like mentioned before, the name has pleasant connotations for every person, who shares the ideas of Cruelty Free organization, namely - people's production, activity, and functioning in harmony with nature. Activity that does not contribute to animal killing and misery. For some people the eco and ethical aspects will be the most valuable assets of these products. By choosing STS products you will contribute to minimizing animals' suffering. However, advantages of this line of products is not limited to this. There is so much more of them than one might imagine.

A very important quality of applying synthetic materials is how simple they are in cleaning and maintenance. Synthetic leather dries much quicker and contaminations are less prone to stick to the surface. At the same time, this material does not require additional care and nourishing treatments.

Another crucial property of this product is super simple removal of dirt such as sand grains, which can easily enter the space between the horse's leg and boot while he's using the boots. This material does not absorb such small particles and along with your horse's limbs' movement they will simply fall out of the boot, minimizing the risk of chafing of the horse's sensitive skin.

STS boots are much more comfortable and nicer to use for the horses. They are very nice to the touch and perfectly fit the horse's legs, adjusting to their anatomical shape.
Ochraniacze na nogach 2

STS line products are characterized by greater durability. Unlike genuine leather, which dries with time, becomes stiff and changes color. Synthetic material doesn't have those cons, which allows for preserving of fresh look and all functional parameters of the boot on the same level.

Linia produktów STS

As you can see, boots made of synthetic materials have much more advantages than you could think at first. Today, synthetic materials are no longer synonymic for low-quality materials. Current technology allows to create more durable, safer and more environment-friendly materials than their natural equivalents. You can surely say that it's a breakthrough in the field of equestrian accessories, which will develop and stay in the riders' and horses' world for good.
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