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What to pack for an equestrian competition? List of needed items

Published: 2021-05-31 11:43:15 Categories: Guides Rss feed , Products Rss feed


A trip to a competition not only includes a wide range of emotions but also a whole lot of planning. Both horse and rider need loads of equipment to not only look presentable but also make life on the road easier.

When starting to plan what to take to a competition, you will quickly notice the list seems to go on forever. That’s why you should begin this process well in advance so that you can compile all the equipment needed. Dividing everything into categories can ease this process:

  • Documents and staring number
  • For a horse (equipment and stable accessories)
  • For a rider (competition outfit as well as clothes and other items needed for the rest of the time)


1. Busse Oval Competition Numbers, Bag, 3-Digits
2. HKM Competition Numbers, 1 pair, 3-Digits, Adjustable

Tack trunks are designed for equestrians so it’s easy to fit everything inside them. However, if you don’t have one, then you will have to pack equipment into bags, suitcases, and big plastic boxes. The latter ones are especially roomy and practical as well as cheap and easily available.

1. Essential competition accessories for riders

The look of a rider during a competition is incredibly important and needs to comply with the organizer’s rules. According to Polish Equestrian Organization rules, a judge has a right to eliminate a rider due to inappropriate attire. That’s why you should first pack your equipment that is:


1. Samshield Helmet Shadowmatt Navy
2. Kingsland Ladies Longsleeve Show Shirt Classic
3. Equiline Cedar Women’s Breeches with Full Silicone Grip
4. Pikeur Women’s Competition Jacket Klea Hunter
5. Animo Zen Riding Boots
6. HKM Riding Plastron Chic

If the competition lasts a few days, then it’s wise to have more than one piece of clothing – this especially applies to breeches, shirts, and chaps. Getting something dirty or destroyed shouldn’t influence your look. Riders who have the right to wear uniforms can perform in them. Competitions on a lower level usually have less strict rules about rider’s attire than those organized on a higher level. Nevertheless, you have to remember that equestrian sports are characterized by elegance, so your attire reflects your attitude to riding and shows your professionalism.

Besides competition equipment, you will also need some everyday clothes, toiletries, a phone charger, a camera, and other essentials needed for a trip that lasts a few days. Don’t forget to take a handy water bottle (for example with a water filter) that will always be within reach. 

2. Essential competition items for horses

When packing equipment for your horse, it might be useful to divide it into two categories: stable accessories and riding tack. Items needed during the travel should be put at the top so they stay within reach. What will you need?

3. Transportation:


1. Busse Standard Hay Net
2. Kingsland Classic Halter
3. Eskadron Pro Travelling Boots, Back Legs

You can read more about horse transportation here.

4. Riding equipment:

  • Saddle along with other equipment (girth, stirrups, breastplate)
  • Bridle
  • Cleaning and care products for equipment
  • 2-3 white saddle pads
  • Boots or bandages
  • Optional: red ribbon to put into mane or tail if your horse bites or kicks


1. Kingsland Classic Bandages for Horses, 4-Pack
2. Animo Jumping Saddle Pad
3. Prestige Italia E38 Leather Bridle
4. Eskadron Elastic Climatex Bandages
5. Eskadron Cotton Saddle Pad 

5. Stable accessories:

  • Enough feed and additionally, supplements or electrolytes
  • Feed trough and buckets
  • Bag with care accessories: brushes, hoof picks, sponges
  • Hoof care products, products for a shiny coat and easy brushing – according to your preference
  • mane braiding accessories
  • Rug – if needed
  • Hay net
  • Cooling clay or gel
  • Extra halters and lead ropes


1. Waldhausen big horse bowl for feed and muesli with a lid
2. Eskadron Winter Stable Rug Ripstop 400G
3. HKM Light Grooming Set of 6 Pieces
4. Waldhausen Foldable Bucket for Horses 10L

6. You can’t skip packing those items into your tack trunk!

Some accessories are optional but can make your life easier during one or several-day competition. This extra list includes first and foremost insect repellents or fly rugs – they will bring relief to a horse that might be irritated by the presence of blackflies and other insects during a competition. It’s also worth taking a stable curtain, especially if you have a stallion or a horse that is easily agitated and anxious in a new place. Rubber or foldable buckets are also a great item to have – they will make feeding or giving water easier, and they can be safely left inside a stall without the threat that the horse will destroy them and get injured.

Don’t forget to pack a first aid kit for humans and horses that might be useful to bring help to you or other people during the competition. If your horse takes some kind of medication, make sure you take some extra with you.

Are you looking for attire or accessories needed for riding competitions? Then check out our offer: riding boots, repellents, and riding breeches

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