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Top 15 equestrian Christmas gifts for teens and kids

Published: 2021-11-23 17:50:58 Categories: Guides Rss feed

Girl with a pony horse in Christmas scenery

The Christmas period is always long-awaited by the youngest and the bit older ones. However, we all remember that it was as a child when we would impatiently look for the first twinkling star. The main point of every Christmas was unwrapping Christmas presents. In the previous article, we list presents for adult equestrians, while now we would like to help parents out in picking gifts for their children. We prepared a list of 15 positions we believe most young riders would love to find under the Christmas tree. The equestrian store Equishop has conjured a special offer of equestrian accessories. Breeches, riding shoes, toques, all in one place.

1. Samshield Shadowmatt equestrian helmet

Samshield premium helmets

Samshield helmet is a perfect proposition not only for experienced riders, but it would also be a great idea for the youngest ones. The possibility of a wide range of size configuration due to Samshield’s interchangeable liners system will allow this helmet to serve a rider for many years, even when his or her head grows. The helmet’s shells are made in three sizes (S, M, L). There are a few liner sizes for each shell size, which allows you to use the same shell size and only change the liner size when your child grows. There are several liners size that fit a given shell size. The Samshield helmet looks exceptionally elegant, it resembles a traditional equestrian toque, maintaining the highest possible safety level. The Samshield equestrian helmet would be an extraordinary present combining traditional elegance with the most strict safety norms in a very chic, modern package.

Make sure that your dream helmet will make it in time for Christmas. Use this link and see our full offer of special helmets in the most popular configurations available at hand. CHECK HERE

Samshield Premium helmets

Chłopczyk na bujanym koniku

2. Pikeur Lucinda Girl Grip full grip breeches


Equestrian breeches are perfect for Christmas gifts. It is a necessary piece of equestrian clothing that greatly influences the comfort of riding. Our proposition for season 2021/22 is teen breeches with a full silicone grip from Pikeur. They are characteristic for the application of high-quality material that is breathable and elastic. This makes the breeches very comfortable. The Lucinda Girl Grip model has a full silicone grip that provides excellent adhesion of the legs to the saddle, which is crucial for many young riders. The breeches are available in fashionable colors and the patterns are in equestrian vogue.

3. Riding boots

Riding boots are a necessary element of every rider’s equipment. Right next to breeches and gloves, riding boots are the most important equestrian product that both protects and stabilizes while riding. Riding boots have a high-quality zipper so that you can easily put them on and take them off.

Riding boots – as our proposition for equestrian equipment as a Christmas present, we would like to recommend dressage and jumping boots for versatile use. In Equishop, we have a vast offer of available riding shoes, also in teen sizes.

Riding boots to 455

Huge selection of horse supplies including Tall riding boots, riding boots

Sergio Grasso Ingress


Tall riding boots Sergio Grasso Ingress are characterized by their classic and timeless design. They are made of high-quality calfskin that is very durable and maintains softness. These boots are constructed in such a way that they provide optimal ventilation. Another asset of these shoes is the application of Vibram sole that is resistant to tearing and provides excellent absorption of vibrations. The boots have durable zippers.

Animo Zodiac riding boots


Animo Zodiac is a very interesting model of versatile riding boots that would also be great for eventing. These boots are made of durable natural leather with a clear texture. They are characteristically decorated with a red vertical Animo logo that excellently contrasts with the black leather of the shoe. This model has laces that highlight its classic cut. There are attachable spurs on the heels.

Hippica Easy Fit riding boots


Hippica Easy Fit are leather riding boots from a Polish producer. The applied cowhide is characterized by its softness and durability. The boots have elastic inserts on the back, which is why they perfectly fit the rider’s calves. The Easy Fit model comes in a wide range of sizes, which makes this position perfect for the youngest riders. This model has a durable fastening in the shape of a zipper and a flap with a clip. A big asset of this model is the sole made of soft rubber, which is why the shoe has great grip and provides stability in the stirrup.

Riding boots to 520

Huge selection of horse supplies including Tall riding boots, riding boots

Animo Zacon riding boots


Tall riding boots Animo Zacon are exceptionally comfortable in use. It is a unisex model, which makes it a perfect gift for both male and female riders. Petrie did not use internal seams in this model, which increases the comfort of wearing. On the heel, they have spurs. An interesting addition to this model are laces on the front, which gives them a classical look.

Animo Zen riding boots


Animo Zen riding shoes are made of calfskin that is characterized by elasticity and high durability. Animo Zen tall riding boots excellently highlight the shape of the rider’s calves and at the same time are exceptionally comfortable. The applied Vibram sole adds to the comfort of use as it provides perfect grip and absorbs vibrations. It is also very resistant to chafing.

Riding boots to 740

Huge selection of horse supplies including Tall riding boots, riding boots

Petrie Olympic riding boots


Petrie Olympic are tall riding boots designed for dressage. They are made of high-quality leather. The boots are characterized by their classic and clean appearance, which will perfectly match an elegant dressage show outfit. The Olympic model is extremely comfortable and provides good ventilation, which makes trainings enjoyable even on warm days. Another advantage of this model is its attractive price.

Petrie Anky Elegance riding boots


Petrie Anky Elegance are Premium tall riding boots. They are made of high-quality calfskin that is highly elastic and durable. It is a model designed for dressage. It is characterized by its classic and clean appearance. The boots will perfectly match an elegant dressage show outfit. They have a resistant zipper that allows you to easily put them on and take them off.


4. Hobby Horse


A hidden gem of this list. Which child wouldn’t love these friendly horses? Our Hobby Horse with sound or the slightly larger Hobby Horse HKM will steal any kid's heart! We believe that every child dreams to have such a friend. You can match our Hobby Horses with gorgeous accessories such as halter, fly hat or rug

Boy under the Christmas tree

5. Kingsland Classic horse halter with rope

An excellent idea for a practical gift is a set of halter + rope from the very recognizable brand Kingsland. Such a set will be a great choice for youngsters who have their own favorite horse. The set is extremely practical and durable - it will surely serve the rider for many years, both in the stable and during competitions.

6. Samshield equestrian gloves


Equestrian gloves are necessary in a rider’s equipment. They protect the hands’ skin from irritation and provide a stable grip on the reins. Keep in mind that children’s skin is especially delicate and prone to chafing. As we all can remember, as kids we didn’t particularly like wearing gloves, mainly because they hindered the ability to move fingers freely. However, Samshield's equestrian gloves are exceptionally comfortable and act as a second skin. They perfectly fit the hands’ shape, the material is elastic and breathable. Children will surely appreciate these properties and their hands will be properly protected both from cold and from irritations. Equestrian gloves would be perfect as a gift for every rider.

Find the perfect equestrian gloves:

Winter gloves

Summer gloves

All season gloves

7. Samshield Fuji women's equestrian long winter jacket


Samshield’s products are a combination of elegance and innovation. They meet the expectations (and tastes) of many riders and they are currently very popular in the equestrian world. Another asset of their products is the comfort they provide. These traits ensure that many teens would love to find a present with Samshield’s logo under the Christmas tree. We would like to especially recommend the equestrian long winter jacket Smashield Fuji. It is extremely warm and functional, plus it looks sensational. A wide range of sizes from this producer allows you to pick a size for a younger or older rider.

8. The newest fall/winter 2022 collections

Eskadron Platinum 2022

ESK_IG_1080x1080_21 (002)-crop

The latest Eskadron Platinum 2022 collection is very popular due to its interesting and fashionable colors.

The collection is dominated by muted and elegant colors in shades of green, navy blue and ivory. Despite the not-so-flashy colors, in terms of design, the products in this collection are eye-catching and remarkably elegant, yet they are kept in classic cuts. The Eskadron Platinum 2022 collection includes the popular lightweight Cotton saddle pads, Velvet Croco velvet saddle pads, and the Big Square model, well known from the previous collections. A very nice addition to a pretty set would be a product with fur: boots with bell boots or headcollar. You will also find two models of rugs in this collection – a fleece rug with fur, and a sweat rug. Eskadron Platinum is a perfect proposition for teens and older riders.

Pikeur Winter 2022/23

0_pikeur_zima (1)

Perfect completion to the Eskadron Platinum 2022 collection would be clothing from the Pikeur Winter 2022/23 collection. You will find here many teen elements of equestrian clothing such as hoodies, a wide range of breeches, jackets, coats, but also accessories such as equestrian hats, and scarves. Many of these products have similar colors to Eskadron’s winter collection. That will allow you to easily mix and match your equestrian child’s outfit with the horse’s equipment.

9. HKM – Equestrian functional Basic women’s shirt


A functional shirt will be the perfect present for every rider. On warm days, it can serve as an outer layer, and on cold ones, it will excellently protect from the cold while worn under a jacket and warm sweatshirt. The Basic model from HKM is available in many colors, which makes it easy for you to match it to other elements of the equestrian outfit. This shirt is made of polyester with an admixture of elastin, which makes it very elastic and comfortable to wear.

Girls on horses

10. Veredus Kevlar Gel Vento boots and Carbon Gel Vento Veredus boots


  1. Veredus Kevlar Gel Vento front boots
  2. Veredus Vento Gel Vento back boots
  3. Veredus Carbon Gel Vento front boots
  4. Veredus Carbon Gel Vento back boots

Boots for horses are a crucial element of equestrian equipment. Every rider would love to get such a gift. We would like to especially recommend boots from Veredus, which are famous for their durability. We recommend either boots reinforced with Kevlar or carbon fibers, which provide the highest level of protection for your horse’s legs. What is more, the Vento model has specially placed air inlets, which provides the horse’s legs with optimal cooling, which is especially important for intense training sessions on hot days.

11. Equestrian show and training clothing

Collection - equestrian accessories Busse and HKM for kids

Busse for kids

Busse and HKM offer a wide range of clothing for teens and equestrian accessories for horses. You will find, among others, kids’ breeches with pink elements, sweatshirts with unicorns, and products for horses such as rugs, fly hats, or headcollars with stars. Products for children from HKM and Busse look dashing. Which girl wouldn’t want to dress her pony like that?

Pikeur Manila show jacket


Pikeur Manila equestrian junior show jacket is characterized by its elegant cut. It is a model with a highlighted waist that nicely fits the rider’s body. This jacket is made of technical material, which makes it comfortable and practical to use in all weather conditions. It is decorated on the front pockets and the collar.

Christmas horse

12. Kingsland Winter 2022/23 collection


Kingsland is well-known for their style and elegance. Their products are always in fashion and perfectly fit the energetic style of a young rider. In their new collection, they present a wide range of breeches, equestrian sweatshirts, jackets, and useful accessories for every rider, such as a helmet bag, or riding boots.


Prestige Italia has a special line of saddles designed for children. A crucial constructional aspect of saddles for kids is a properly built tree, which should be adjusted to the anatomy of a young rider. That prevents the saddle from negatively influencing the proper anatomical development of a child. In the kids’ offer, you will find all-purpose, jumping, and dressage saddles. The online equestrian store offers full service of saddlefitting to the horse’s and rider’s anatomical shapes. Saddles are the store’s specialty that we have over 23 years of expertise in on the Polish market.

13. All-purpose saddle

Happy Pony saddle for kids

A perfect product for young riders that have not decided on a particular discipline yet, or rider recreationally, would be the Happy Pony Small and Happy Pony saddle. The Happy Pony Small model is the ideal solution for the youngest riders aged 7 to 9. And the Happy Pony model is designed for children over 9 years of age. This model provides safety of use and is exceptionally comfortable. Riding in this saddle is nothing but a pleasure.

Boy on a horse

14. Jumping saddle

Joy Jumper pony saddle for kids

Children that decided to take part in jumping, would love the Joy Jumper D model. This saddle is designed for children and teens between ages 10 and 15. It is a professional model made of delicate calfskin that offers the possibility of an individual configuration with blocks attachable on velcro closures. This saddle is exceptionally comfortable due to specially profiled knee and calf cushions. Joy Jumper D provides a stable seat and safety. Now, every young jumper would be ready to start his or her equestrian journey. The close contact jumping saddle Joy Jumper is appropriate for all jumping and eventing disciplines. For every Prestige saddle, there is a full range of equestrian accessories. The equestrian store Equishop also offers stirrups, stirrup leathers in various sizes (120 – 135 cm – for kids), girths, headcollars with combined bits, and others.

15. Dressage saddles

Lucky Dressage Idol pony saddle for kids

Lucky Dressage Idol is a dream of each young dressage rider. Designed for children, teens, and adult riders with a tiny build. The Lucky Dressage model is characterized by its deep seat, shortened flaps, and front blocks attachable with velcro. Kids love this model for the secure seat and comfort it offers. The Lucky Dressage Idol saddle was made especially for young riders. So that it ideally positions the rider during rides on a manage and training sessions. The Lucky Dressage saddle fits big horses and ponies.

Christmas is a magical time, especially for kids. Children are very serious about Christmas presents. Long before Christmas is on the horizon, they spill their dreams onto paper, making letters for Santa Claus, and every day when they wait for their dreams to come true add to the tension. We hope that along with Equishop, you will make your child’s dreams come true.

Guarantee of perfect gift

Almost equally important as the present itself is the wrapping. In Equishop, you can use our service of decorative packaging. This will ensure that the content of the package will be ready to hand right after shipping. The ornamental wrapping’s dimensions are 34 x 30 x 12,5 cm, which allows us to wrap most clothing pieces, small- and medium-sized equestrian accessories (we cannot fit a helmet into a decorative wrapping). More information about this service can be found here – Gift wrapping in the equestrian store Equishop.

Remember that the whole Equishop Team remains at your disposal. If you have any questions or doubts, leave us a message or call us.

Equestrian store: +48 32 782 45 68


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