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Top 15 equestrian Christmas gifts for teens and kids

Published: 2019-11-26 21:54:52 Categories: Guides Rss feed

Dziewczynka z koniem na tle świątecznej scenerii

Christmas time has been long-awaited both by the youngest and the slightly older ones. However, we all probably can remember how special was waiting for the first star when we were kids. The main attraction of Christmas was unpacking the presents. In our previous article, you can read about ideas for presents for adult equestrians, now we would like to help you choose something special for your little ones. We present you 15 present ideas that most young riders would love to find under their Christmas trees.

1. Samshield Shadowmatt helmet

Kask Samshield
A Samshield helmet is a perfect idea not only for the experienced riders. It would also be the perfect solution for the youngest ones. A wide variety of size configurations of Samshield helmets with interchangeable liners would allow the helmet to serve a young rider for many years, even when the head grows. The helmet shells come in three sizes (S, M, L). There are several interchangeable liner sizes for each shell size. It means that when your child grows up and his or her head grows along, you can change the liner size to a bigger one, and keep the same size of the helmet shell. Samshield helmets look exceptionally elegant and provide the highest level of protection.

Chłopczyk na bujanym koniku

2. Fonta rubber boots

Kalosze FontaRubber boots would be a very practical choice for a rider. They are needed both in the stable and while working with a horse from the ground. On cold and rainy days, they will be perfect as casual shoes. Kingsland rubber boots are made of soft rubber, which makes them comfortable to wear. They are adjustable on the side of the upper.

3. KASSAN teddy bear

Miś Kassan

A silent star of our list. What child wouldn't love this lovely teddy bear? Kassan proudly represents Kingsland, has soft fur and a happy face. Every child would love to have such a friend. Kassan teddy bear has also a warm sweater and is ready for winter.

Chłopczyk przy choince

4. Dainese - children's protective vest

Kamizelka ochronna dla dzieci

We mentioned at the beginning of this article about the proper protection of a child's head. Just as prone to damage is the child's torso. Kids can be unwilling to wear vests, however, Dainese's vests are made in such a way that does not restrict movements. They are exceptionally comfortable to wear and at the same time look elegant. Kids should learn as soon as possible that being safe is always in vogue. Also, keep in mind that if your child wants to take part in competitions, vests are the necessary element of clothing for children and teens under 15 years of age.

5. Roeck-Grip gloves

Rękawiczki Roeckl Grip

Every rider needs gloves. They protect the hands' skin from irritation and improve the grip. Remember that kids' hands' skin is especially delicate and prone to irritation. As we all know, as kids we were not huge fans of wearing gloves, especially because we couldn't really move our fingers. Equestrian gloves Roeckl are very comfortable and act as a second skin. They perfectly fit the hands and their material is elastic and providing good airflow. Children would definitely appreciate these properties and their hands would be protected both from cold and chafing.

6. Equestrian whips

Proper whip usage is a very effective riding aid that could make training easier for children. We have equestrian whips and riding crops for jumping riders. A cool gift idea for a girl who loves horses would be a jumping whip decorated with brocade and a unicorn on top. For dressage riders, we have more classical versions of whips finished with a rope.

7. Eskadron sets

Zestaw Eskadron

Kids fell in love with the latest Eskadron collections. They are most interested in the sets consisting of saddle cloths and fly hats and other equipment elements in the shade of powder pink (collection name - Rosewood) from Eskadron Heritage 2019/20 collection. You can choose a set consisting of boots, bell boots, halter, bandage, and saddle cloth. This collection has even a beautiful dog rug. Kids will love this set!

8. Eskadron socks

Modne skarpetki z Eskadrona

Everybody needs warm socks for winter. We recommend warm and trendy knee socks from Eskadron. They will keep your child warm during training even on the coldest days. Especially popular among girls are pink socks. For boys, we have socks in softer colors.

Dziewczynki na konikach

9. Fanatics Eskadron collection

Kolekcja Equestrian Fanatics

Eskadron Fanatics is an innovative collection that teens would love. A characteristic feature of this collection is its relaxed style referring to equestrian passion. This collection includes jackets, vests, socks, and other elements of casual clothing. Now, every rider could communicate their love for equestrianism outside of the stable.

10. Busse collection for children

Busse dla dzieci

Busse has included clothing and equestrian equipment for the youngest ones. You will find in it breeches with pink motifs, hoodies with unicorns, and horse products such as saddle cloths, fly hats, or halters with stars. This collection is dashing. Every girl would love to dress her pony like this.

11. Alart i Baid show shirt

Koszulki konkursowe Animo

Animo Alart and Baid are show shirt with long sleeves for a girl and a boy. They have a beautiful and eye-catching motif with horses' profiles on the chest. They both perfectly fit the body and at the same time do not restrict movements. The shirts are made of the highest quality fabric. Kids would immediately appreciate their comfort and uniqueness.


12. Samshield clothing collection

Kolekcja Samshield

Samshield is well-known for their style and elegance. They began their business from producing helmets, but today they have a vast offer of clothing items that enchants with the classic and elegant style. Their products combine innovativeness with class, which is why the slightly older riders might like them more. Their offer is always fashionable and perfectly fits into the energetic lifestyle of a young rider.


Prestige Italia has a special saddles line for children. A very important constructional aspect of children saddles is the proper structure of a saddletree, which is adjusted to the anatomical build of a young rider. That prevents the saddle's negative impact on the proper anatomical development of a child. There are versatile, jumping, and dressage saddles in the offer for kids.

13. Versatile saddle

Siodło Happy Pony

A good solution for young riders that have not yet decided which discipline they would like to do, or for recreational riders would be the model Happy Pony Small or Happy Pony. The Happy Pony model is dedicated to kids over 9 years of age. This model provides safety of use and is exceptionally comfortable. Riding in this saddle is a real pleasure.

Chłopczyk na koniu

14. Jumping saddle

Siodło Pony Joy Jumper

Kids that have decided to do jumping would love the Joy Jumper D model. This saddle is designed for children from 10 to 15 years of age. It is a professional model made of delicate calfskin that allows you for individual configuration due to blocks attachable on velcros. High comfort of usage is additionally enhanced by the specially profiled knee and calf pillows. Joy Jumper D provides a sure seat and guaranteed safety. Now, every young jumping rider would be ready to start their riding adventure.

15. Dressage saddle

Siodło Pony Lucky Dressage

Lucky Dressage Idol is the dream of every young dressage rider. This saddle is designed for kids, teens, and adults of tiny body build. The Lucky Dressage model is characterized by a deep seat, short tabs, and front blocks attached with velcros. Kids love this model because of the sure seat and comfort it provides.

Christmas is a magical time, especially for children. Kids are very serious about the presents. They pour their dreams on paper, writing letters to Santa Claus, and each day makes them hope more for their wishes coming true. We hope that with Equishop, you will succeed at being the perfect Santa for your kids.

Akcja świąteczna Equishop

However, if you happen to buy a present that would not satisfy the recipient fully, don't you worry. We will quickly fix the situation. You have the right to exchange or return the purchased goods up to 31st January 2020 in Equishop.

Kup siodło a dopasuj po Świętach

Maybe you wonder if a saddle you want to buy will fit the horse's back. We have a solution for that, too. Buy a saddle for Christmas and fit it after Christmas.

Remember that all Equishop's team is at your service. If you have any questions or issues, do not hesitate to visit or call us.

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