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Published: 2019-11-18 10:05:49 Categories: Lifestyle Rss feed , Products Rss feed

top 10 Christmas gifts for a rider

Christmas presents are intrinsic to the Christmas tradition. Choosing gifts for our close ones is quite a challenge, especially if we want to give them something really special. Regardless of whether you are buying a present for your brother, mother, or friends, you try and avoid predictable things, and aim for something they will love. Equishop will help you look for the perfect presents for horse lovers. We've made a list of TOP 10 Christmas gifts for every horse riding lover.

1. Samshield Shadowmatt Helmet - 295

Horse riding is a beautiful sport, but a sport that entails a high risk of injuries. There is no better way to care for your beloved one's safety but to give them a helmet. It consists of the most important part of any equestrian equipment. While considering health, it's worth investing in a high-quality helmet that would protect the rider's head from injuries during training sessions and competitions. Participants would need elegant models of high protection level. It is an exceptionally useful and stylish present that would guarantee a smile on the recipient's face.

Kaski Samshield

2. Samshield Harper Shirt - 139

The horse riding world is well-known for its chic and elegance, which is why every rider would be delighted to get a beautiful Samshield Harper show shirt. It is an exceptionally useful item for riders taking part in competitions. The shirt has a very modern and minimalistic pattern. There is an embroidered Samshield logo on the stand-up collar. The look is topped up with fastenings and clear seams on the sleeves. This shirt perfectly matches the other clothing elements from this producer.

Koszula Samshield Harper

Samshield Harper na modelce

3. Kingsland River organic cotton hoodie - 99,95

Kingsland has prepared a brand new winter collection called Earth. A very cool idea for a Christmas present would be the Kingsland River hoodie that would be useful during training sessions on colder days. It would also be perfect as an element of a casual outfit. This hoodie is made of organic cotton due to which it is nice to the touch, keeping you warm, at the same time providing breathability.

Bluza z kapturem Kingsland River

4. Samshield Chamonix vest 3.0 - 139

It is yet another point on our list that is very practical. This vest would be useful for most of the season. It protects against wind and heat loss during riding. You can mix and match it with other elements of your wardrobe - hoodie for colder days or t-shirt, depending on the weather. What is more, you can adjust it to your needs. Many models in Equishop's offer have detachable hood and fur. Due to a vest, you gain two zippered pockets, which guarantees safety for your gadgets while riding. Do you want to give such a present to somebody? You can send it directly from Equishop to the recipient in an elegant package.

Kamizelka Chamonix

Kamizelka Chamonix na modelce

5. Busse softshell winter gloves - 21,90

Every rider knows that gloves are absolutely necessary in an equestrian closet. They are the most often changed piece of equestrian clothing, as they wear out the quickest. It's good to always have several pairs at hand for different occasions and seasons. The most common issue while riding in the winter is cold hands, thus it's good to invest in high-quality, warm gloves. A typical horse riding lover would rather buy another rug for the horse than a pair of gloves for themselves. Which is why it is a perfect idea to put a pair of gloves under a rider's Christmas tree.

Rękawiczki Busse

6. Veredus saddle cloth and fly hat - 68 and 51

An excellent idea for a Christmas gift would be a set: saddle cloth and fly hat from Veredus. It is commonly known that every rider takes the matter of matching a saddle cloth with the accessories very seriously. Veredus, besides extraordinary boots, offers saddle cloths and fly hats. They are available in two color versions, which is why everybody can match a set fitted to their liking. You can choose from a classic line of Veredus' accessories, Colored line available e.g. in black/white, black/gray, black/pink, black/blue, or black/maroon. For people looking for limited editions, there is a special Grand Slam series, which was created upon Scott Brash's victory in the Rolex Grand Slam series competitions.

Veredus czaprak i nauszniki

7. AVA functional shirt with long sleeves - 129

Everyone would like to find such a present under the Christmas tree. A beautiful training shirt with long sleeves. It is made of bioceramic material made with the application of nanotechnology. This material provides proper airflow, is quick-dry and anti-bacterial. It does not restrict movements and perfectly fits the rider's body. In this shirt, every training session would be a pleasure.

Koszula funkcyjna AVA

8. La Bouverie groom bag - 59,95

A big issue for every rider is the number of accessories he or she needs to take to the stable. An invaluable asset would be a bag able to contain all the necessary gadgets. An excellent present idea would be La Bouverie groom bag from Kingsland. This bag is made of waterproof fabric and has a zipper. It has several pockets that would help you keep your things in order. Surely, every rider would be delighted at this present.

Torba na akcesoria La Bouverie

9. Veredus Kevlar Gel Vento Save The Sheep boots - 185,50

Every sport horse's legs need protection. Good boots should perfectly protect the horse's legs from injuries, but at the same time be comfortable to use. A very important aspect of comfort is ventilation. A popular brand among the riders that specializes in horses' boots is Veredus. One of the latest model of Veredus' boots is Kevlar Gel Vento from the Save The Sheep (STS) line. STS boots are lined with faux sheep fur. The Kevlar Gel model has special Kevlar inserts providing a high level of protection. What is more, it's a Vento model, which has special air inlets providing proper airflow on the inside of the boot. There are also rear boots available. Such a present would make happy both the rider and the horse.

Ochraniacze Veredus Kevlar Save The Sheep

10. Gift card from 50

If you still haven't figured out what to buy for an equestrian Christmas gift, or you would like to give somebody full freedom of choice, we have the perfect option for you, a gift card. You could get a printed voucher or send it directly to the recipient's e-mail address.

Karta upominkowa

Do you remember how you would excitedly and happily tear the intricate packages from aunts or mom when you were a kid? Half of the charm is how the presents look under the Christmas tree - a nice wrapping paper, an impressive bow. That makes us feel even more special because somebody had taken extra time to make everything perfect for us.

Unfortunately, most of us can admit that we had bought a Christmas present way too late to make some extra effort. We ordered an item, giving our friend's address, hoping it would make it in time and be a nice surprise. However, as it usually goes around the Christmas time, the present came after Christmas in a regular paper box with chipped styrofoam.

In order not to let this happen, Equishop has the perfect solution for you.

Present Package is an option that allows you to order an item with direct shipping to the gift recipient's address along with an ornamental gift wrapping.
Learn more about the Present Package HERE.

We all would like to buy only the perfect presents. However, it doesn't always end up like this. Fortunately, Equishop allows you to return or exchange a missed gift until 31st January 2020. Everything will happen without the unnecessary formalities - on the same day we receive the returned goods. For online purchases, you won't even need to deliver a receipt!

Find out more about this action HERE.

No more unwelcomed gifts

The only thing left is for us to wish you as many perfect presents as possible!

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