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Published: 2018-12-05 11:49:18 Categories: Lifestyle Rss feed , Products Rss feed

top 10 Christmas gifts for a rider

Christmas present is a crucial part of tradition. Choosing gifts for our close ones might be challenging, especially when we want to give them something really special. It doesn't matter if you're struggling to choose a gift for your brother, mom, or a friend, you always try to avoid predictable things, trying to aim at something they will fall in love with. Equishop is here to help you on your quest to find perfect presents. We made a list of TOP 10 Christmas gifts for every equestrian fan.

1.Kingsland Laboulaye hat - 49,95 €

For those, who love practical solutions, hat would be the perfect choice. Equestrian brands prepared a very rich offer of equestrian accessories this season. Among head gear, you will find not only hats, but also stylish headbands. It's a gift that will satisfy any fan of equestrian gadgets.

Czapka Laboulaye

2. Samshield Premium Crystal Gold Top Helmet - 909,00 €

Horse riding is a beautiful discipline, but it carries serious risk of injuries with itself. There is no better way to take care of one's safety than giving them a helmet. It is the most important part of equestrian equipment. Having safety in mind, it is worth investing in a high quality helmet that would protect the rider's head during trainings and competitions. Contenders will need elegant models with high level of safety. It is, without a doubt, a practical, stylish present that will cause a wide smile on the recipient’s face.

Kask Samshield Premium

3. Samshield W-Skin winter gloves - 65,00 €

Every rider knows that they cannot lack gloves in their closet. They are the most exploited part of their outfit, so they wear out the quickest. It is always good to have at least a couple of pairs for various seasons and occasions. The most common issue while riding is having cold hands - it's worth investing in high quality warm gloved. A typical fan of this sport will be more prone to buy another rug for his or her horse, than gloves for themselves. So a perfect idea would be to give them a pair for Christmas.

Rękawiczki Samshield V-Skin

4. Samshield Chamonix vest - 110,00 €

It's another thing on our list that is a practical solution. A vest would be useful for most of the season. It protects against wind and excessive loss of warmth while riding. You can mix and match it with another elements of the outfit - a hoodie on a cold day, or a T-Shirt when it's warm and sunny. Many vest models have detachable hood and fur. Due to a vest, you will be able to keep your gadgets safe in zippered pockets. Do you want to give a vest to somebody? You can send it directly to the recipient from Equishop in an elegant gift wrap.

Kamizelka Chamonix

5. Eskadron Performance Heritage saddle cloth - 64,95

Every horse back riding lover dreams about another saddle cloth for their horse. It is an element of the equestrian equipment that they are most happy to give to their horses. Due to variety of models, patterns and a whole range of colors, there is plenty to choose from. It is a versatile present for an equestrian. If you cannot decide which model to choose, you can always buy a voucher for a chosen price. The person who gets the voucher from you could use it in our store for 6 months since the date of order.

Czaprak Heritage

6. Eskadron Glossy Platinium accessory bag - 39,95

This type of bag makes it easy to function while traveling with a horse. All the accessories we need to take with ourselves, usually make us lose comfort while traveling. It also happens that comfort is not the only thing lost, but also particular elements of equipment that we were supposed to take back to the stable. In equestrian accessory bags, there is an organizer in a form of zippered pockets and compartments, which will help you easily find what you are currently looking for. If you travel a lot, it's important for such a bag to be made of durable materials, so it's good to pay attention to its' producer. You can definitely rely on products from Eskadron and Kingsland. Such a bag would be a perfect gift for people, who are always on the move and it will surely help them become more organized.

Torby Kingsland i Eskadron

7. KINGSLAND Eliza breeches - 199,00

Everybody would want to find such a present in a Christmas sock. It would be a perfect gift for a woman, man, or juniors. For people, who never give up on their passion, regardless the season. Breeches that would be perfect for winter are made of the highest quality elastic softshell. Additional insulation prevents us from having to wear thighs or leggings. This material perfectly protects against cold, wind, and snow. Remember that the more layers you have on yourselves, the more discomfort you will feel while riding. For winter breeches to do what they are supposed to do, they have to be made of high quality durable materials that fit the body, are breathable and dirt-repellant. You can choose from such famous brands as Kingsland - Eliza, Equiline - Vania, Animo, Pikeur - Lucinda, Gia. Due to these breeches, you will never miss a chance to ride.

Kingsland Eliza

8. Veredus Magnetik Line, Magnetik Rug - 397,00

Why is that product on our list? Because for all riders, the top priority is their horses' health. There is no rider, who wouldn't be delighted upon finding Magnetik Rug in their gift wrap. All Magnetik products are phenomenal, because they relief your horse, which you can read about in our article about Magnotherapy. Magnetik Rug fights pain and increases blood flow, which accelerates healing. In Veredus Magnetik Line collection, you can also find stable protectors and boots. What is more, we have to praise Veredus for these products' design. We believe that Magnetik Rug is the dream gift.

Derka magnetyczna Veredus

9. Riding boots or jodhpur boots? Veredus Soprano jodhpur - 155,40 €

Both kind of boots would be great Christmas gifts that the rider would enjoy for years. A huge advantage of equestrian equipment is that for a given price, you get a product that is high quality. We recommend brands such as Sergio Grasso, Veredus, or Busse. Their combination of diligent trimming and equestrian comfort and longevity is thrilling. It is a professional gift, which is far from cheap, but will serve your beloved person for years and make them smile each time they use the boots.

Sztyblety Soprano

10. CEECOACH 2 Intercom bluetooth - 319,00

A wireless communication system for coach and riders is the perfect solution for difficulties in communication during training. CEECOACH 2 is the latest version of a popular among riders wireless system of communication. CEECOACH 2 is backwards compatible with CEECOACH, and what is more, it allows you to use wireless headphones. This device is characterized with flawless quality of sound even in loud environment and at long distance. A huge advantage of this device is its intuitive use and high capacity battery - up to 10 hours of non-stop talk and up to 3 days in a stand-by mode without charging. If you are financially capable of buying this as a gift, you won't be outrun in the race for the best Christmas present for a long, long time.

CeeCoach 2

Do you remember when you were excitedly dealing with gift wrapping as kids? Half the success is how the present looks - nice wrap or diligently tied knot gives even more pleasure. That makes us believe that people took time to make everything as perfect as possible.

Unfortunately, most of us cannot say that we had not bought a gift too late... We ordered a product, giving our friend's address, hoping that it will come in time and be a nice surprise. But as it usually happens, the gift got there after Christmas and was not delivered in a neat package, but in a regular cardboard...

In order to not let that happen, Equestrian Store Equishop has a solution for you.

Gift Package is an option that allows you to order a product with direct shipping to the person you want to receive the gift from you along with a gift wrapping.

We all would want to buy only right presents. Unfortunately, it is not always the case. Thankfully, Equishop allows you to return or exchange a missed gift up until 31st January 2019. Everything happens without formalities - on the same day we receive the returned products. In cases where the goods were ordered on-line, you don't even have to enclose a receipt!

All that is left for us is to wish you only the right gifts!

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