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Top 15 Christmas presents for riders

Published: 2021-11-09 17:27:39 Categories: Lifestyle Rss feed , Products Rss feed

Christmas presents are intrinsic to the Christmas tradition. Choosing gifts for people you love might be a difficult task, especially if you want to give them something really special. Regardless if you're buying a present for your brother, mom, or friends, you tend to avoid predictable products to opt for something they will love. If you're searching for a gift for a horse lover, we come to your rescue. We've created a list of TOP 15 Christmas presents that all riders will love.

1. Samshield riding helmet

Horse riding is a beautiful sport but also one of a very high risk of injuries. There is no better way to take care of your friends' safety than to give them a helmet. It is the most important element of equestrian equipment. While putting health first, you should invest in a high-quality helmet that would protect the head from injuries during training and competitions. Competitors will need elegant models of a high level of protection. Such a gift is undoubtedly practical, stylish, and will cause the widest smile to the recipient. Samshield helmets resemble classic toques with delightful ornaments in appearance. This makes such a gift very universal but at the same time unique.

We especially recommend e.g. Samshield Miss Shield Shadowmatt helmet that catches the eye with its elegant design. It is perfect for competitions. Its matt surface is resistant to scratches and the elongated visor resembles a hat's brim. In the Miss Shield and a similar Samshield Shadowmatt model, the producer applied an innovative ventilation system that drains the heat excess and provides the rider with comfort. The inside of the helmet is made of memory shape material. The liners are easily detachable and you can wash them in a washing machine.

When buying a riding helmet, you might want to consider buying a Samshield winter helmet liner to protect your ears and head from the cold. The warm and soft liner will eliminate the discomfort caused by the low temperatures. On the outside, the liner is made of a material that prevents the wind from passing through, and on the inside, the ears and neck are surrounded by a soft fur.

Kaski Samshield

In the offer of our equestrian store, you will find many Samshield Premium models. We've selected the most popular versions of helmets created in the Samshield configurator and we have them available in stock. We offer quick shipping. More info on products pages.

Samshield Premium helmets available within 24h

2. Sergio Grasso Ingress riding boots and others


Riding boots may be the present that delights every rider. These exceptionally comfortable equestrian shoes can be used for both training and competitions (they are a necessary piece of high-class sports competitions). Riding boots will prove valuable for people, who spend a lot of time in a saddle. In Equishop, you will find models from various brands.

Sergio Grasso riding boots are a very comfortable and elegant model of riding shoes. They are made of calfskin that is elastic and durable. The Ingress model has laces, which allows you to fit them to your feet shape and size even better. These riding boots are highly breathable, which will make every training session exceptionally comfortable. Another pro of this model is the application of a very resistant zipper that makes it super easy to put the shoes on and take them off. Sergio Grasso riding boots is an excellent idea for a gift for everyone, who takes part in equestrian competitions or just enjoys looking elegant during training.

Alternatively, we recommend Hippica Easy Fit riding boots made of cowhide. In the back part of the upper, they have elastic inserts that make the shoes fit better, providing the comfort necessary while riding. The sole of these boots is made of soft rubber that is anti-slippery and provides stability in the stirrup.

Another model worth your attention and valued by other riders are Animo Zodiac riding boots. Their innovative design and high quality of production make these shoes exceptionally comfortable. The producer used soft leather that is at the same time very light, with no seams on the inside, which makes these shoes even more comfortable.

If you choose to buy tall riding boots, make sure to look into adding care products to your collection, the right products to preserve the shape of the boots, or a boot bag to safely transport the boots.

In order for the boots to serve their new owner for a long time, it is essential to take proper care of the leather, and as we all know - it does have a very difficult task to perform! In the stable there is generally dust, mud or humidity, which all affect the overall condition of the boots. The care kit from Sergio Grasso, namely Cleaner, Black Cream and Neutral Cream will deal with even the worst dirt and keep the leather soft after each use.

3. Horze jodhpurs

An alternative for high riding boots are jodhpurs - ankle-high boots that riders often wear for riding and stable duties. If you decide to buy a pair of jodhpur shoes as a gift, we recommend opting for an impressive model, such as Kilkenny Jodhpur from Horze. These shoes are made of synthetic leather, which makes them durable and easy to maintain. They have zippers for easy use. In the back part, these shoes have props that prevent the spurs from falling off. The unique and classic appearance of jodhpurs will surely meet a horse lover's expectations!


4. CeeCoach 2 Single communication system


CeeCoach is a system for wireless communication between a rider (or a group thereof) and a coach. It is the perfect solution for e.g. training sessions. Learning how to ride has never been so easy before as uninterrupted communication with a trainer is the key to the high quality and efficiency of training. The rider can correct his or her errors in real-time and apply the coach's tips immediately. The system offers high quality of sound in Bluetooth 3.0 technology. The device's reach is 500 meters. It has three buttons. Such a solution makes it exceptionally easy to use as you can work with this system without having to look at it. The CeeCoach communication system can be expanded of additional devices, which will allow more riders to use it at the same time.

5. Equestrian gloves

Every rider knows that gloves are a must-have in an equestrian closet. They are the element that greatly influences the comfort of riding. In the offer of equestrian store Equishop, you will find many models for various seasons and requirements depending on the equestrian discipline. The most common issue while riding is that in the winter, your hands will immediately get cold - it's good to invest in high-quality warm gloves that will not restrict your fingers' mobility and feeling of the reins. Equestrian gloves would be an ideal idea for a gift, as no rider can have too many of them. Check out our full offer of riding gloves.samshield-gloves

In the picture: Samshield V-Skin equestrian gloves

If you're looking for a pair of good gloves for the present that will provide the rider with comfort and proper protection from cold and chafing, we recommend checking out the following models:

  • Samshield V-skin Hunter equestrian gloves — made of thin perforated calfskin gloves that provide comfort and proper breathability. Their velcro closure makes them easy to fit the wrist. This model is reinforced in crucial parts, which makes them durable and, at the same time, comfortable.
  • Samshield V-skin gloves — is a model similar to the one above. It provides full freedom of movement in the hand, which is crucial while working with a horse either from his back or from the ground. On the inner side, they are reinforced with silicone for a stable grip.
  • Busse Classic Stretch riding gloves — they are made of a pleasant-to-touch material that has anti-slip properties, thus making the gloves perfect for horseback riding. The gloves feature inserts that provide excellent airflow.

6. Equishop Team Softshell women's full silicone grip breeches


Equishop Team breeches are elegant women's riding breeches with a full silicone grip, which improves the rider's stability and adhesion to the saddle. The softshell material from which the breeches were made perfectly fits the body, emphasizing the rider's figure, while not restricting or limiting his or her movement. The breeches are equipped with elastic inserts, which prevent the material from curling up while riding. There is also an embroidered Equishop Team logo on the leg.

Along with the breeches, it's a good idea to include a comfortable and elegant equestrian belt, which adds an extra touch to the whole stable outfit. Riding belts are also great for everyday use as a little equestrian-related detail in everyday styling for work or school.

7. Equishop Team by Animo - equestrian clothing and horse accessories

The equestrian store Equishop along with Animo has created a line of products called Equishop Team by Animo. The collection consists of selected equestrian clothing pieces and accessories for horses. All products are made by Animo from the highest-quality materials with a characteristic for the brand's attention to detail. In the collection, you will find long show jackets for women and men made of Softshell that guarantee they're breathable, fold-resistant, and dirt-resistant. Another crucial characteristic of this material is that it's quick-dry, which makes it exceptionally practical. Equishop Team by Animo also includes breeches, equestrian vests, softshell jackets, and show shirts. You can join our Team today and complete your outfit with Equishop.


In the collection, you will also find a wide range of accessories for horses. A jumping saddle cloth, or a dressage saddle cloth made of high-quality cotton. A sweat rug for horses made of fleece and fly hat with elastic ear parts that provide the horse with high comfort of use. All accessories in the Equishop Team by Animo collection are in navy blue with Equishop Team's logo.


8. Animo Nuraghi women's denim knee grip riding breeches


Animo Nuraghi breeches are exceptionally comfortable to use as they are made of elastic breathable fabric. The Nuraghi model nicely highlights the rider's legs' shape, excellently fitting and at the same time not restricting movements. The material is stretchy and soft, very pleasant to wear. The knee grip provides optimal support for the rider's posture in the saddle. The pants are very feminine and elegant, richly decorated with glittering crystals.

9. Veredus Carbon Gel Vento boots for horses and Carbon Gel Vento Colored

Each horse's legs require protection. Good boots should perfectly protect the horse's legs from injuries and simultaneously be comfortable to use. Ventilation is crucial when it comes to comfort. A well-known brand that specializes in the production of horse boots is Veredus. A very interesting model of a boot is Carbon Gel Vento, characterized by excellent draining of heat excess from the inside of the shell. Ventilation happens on two levels here. Airflow goes over the leg while it's moving both vertically and horizontally. The boot has an additional insert made of exceptionally durable carbon, which is why the boots ideally protect the horse's legs from injuries, at the same time providing optimal comfort of use. To complete a set, you can also purchase back boots. Such a Christmas gift will surely make every rider (and their horses) happy.


For completion, we may also add Veredus Carbon Gel Vento Colored front boots available in black and brown, providing your horse with full protection during training and competitions. What's important is that Veredus boots may be used also for young horses competitions. They are not only efficient but they also meet all the latest regulations of equestrian federations regarding boots.

10. Eskadron Contrast saddle cloth

There could never be too many saddle cloths! Riders love piecing together various models, they also use saddle cloths a lot while riding - that's why they often have many items of this product for one horse. Eskadron saddle cloths are especially popular, which is why we would like to recommend one of their saddle cloths as a gift. Check Eskadron Contrast Cotton saddle cloth - an anatomically shaped model in beautiful pastel colors made of cotton that is nice to the touch, natural, and sweat-absorbent.


11. Kingsland equestrian socks

High socks are a must-have for every rider that trains all year round, regardless of the weather. During fall and winter, socks will warm you up when worn under a pair of breeches. During warmer months, riders often wear long socks instead of chaps, pulling them over the breeches. Kingsland equestrian socks are available in several colors, they also stand out with the unique design with the brand's logo.


12. Veredus cap

A cap is an item that will always be useful while taking care of horses, preparing for competitions, or performing everyday duties in the stable or on a paddock. Cap with a well-known producer's logo will surely cause a simile on the recipient's face. On Equishop's site, you will find them in several colors. A cap may also be an addition to a bigger present. An alternative option could be to go for a winter hat (e.g. from Pikeur, or Kingsland).


13. Kingsland equestrian raincoat

A warm riding coat Kingsland Siriol with a hood will be a very practical and at the same time trendy gift. It protects from rain and wind, simultaneously providing warmth while riding or taking care of horses. In the bottom part, on the sides, the coat has zippers, which you can unzip to comfortably sit in a saddle. This coat has been made with attention to detail.


14. Samshield equestrian down vest

For riders and caretakers of horses, this type of clothing is a must-have. It provides full freedom of movement, remaining warm and wind-proof. The model from the latest Samshield's collection has a large and warm hood, which makes it perfect for fall and winter. On the sides, there are two zippered pockets, and the material of which the vest is made provides proper breathability and is nice to the touch. On the chest, there is Samshield's logo. This vest would be a practical gift, which surely will be often used on cool days!


15. Gift card from 50 €

If you still cannot decide on a gift for a rider or you would like to give the liberty of choice to the recipient, we can offer you the perfect solution in the shape of a gift card. The voucher can be printed at home or sent by us to a given e-mail address for optimal comfort of purchase.

Christmas equestrian gift cards

Are you looking for a gift for your offspring? Check Top 15 equestrian Christmas gifts for teens and kids.

Do you remember how would you impatiently wait for the unboxing of presents as children and struggle to unpack the intricate packages made by your mothers or grandmas? Half the success is the appearance - nice wrapping paper or an impressive bow makes the present even more special. That makes us feel someone put extra effort into making sure the gift will be perfect.

Unfortunately, most of us can confess that at least once we have bought a Christmas present at the last moment. We ordered a product, giving our friend's address for shipping, hoping that it will make it in time for Christmas and still be a nice surprise. As it usually happens in the Christmas frenzy, the gift reached the recipient after Christmas and it did not come in anything else but styrofoam-filled gray cardboard with a couple of holes.

To not let that happen, Equishop has the perfect solution for you.

Gift Wrapping

Gift wrapping is an option that allows you to order a product with direct shipping to the recipient in a beautiful gift box.
More about the package, you can read HERE.

All that's left is for us to wish you as many perfect presents as possible!

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