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Choosing gifts for riders? Top 10 Christmas present ideas for 2017

Published: 2017-12-05 11:47:07 Categories: Guides Rss feed , Products Rss feed

Top 10 Christmas gifts ideas for horse riders

Christmas is almost here. It's high time to take care of buying presents for the closest ones. If there is a rider in your family or among your friends, you have many options to choose from. Riders usually would rather have an accessory or riding equipment than something they need for other fields of life than horse riding. Why would he/she need a new warm vest, when there is a new ESKADRON collection and in it - beautiful saddle pads and the horse definitely needs this 13th saddle pad this year. Such a gift might be a challenge. If you know, more or less, "what horse riding is about," then shopping will be easier, but if you have no idea whatsoever... EQUISHOP's staff is here to help :) 

Today we present you a list of TOP 10 present ideas for riders. Actually, two lists, as one will be for a rider, and another will be for a rider, who enjoys presents for horses more than for riders :) 

  1. SAMSHIELD helmet

This is our number one pick. Each rider will be delighted with such a gift. First, it is very stylish and at the same time elegant. It is also ultimately safe (it has the VG1 safety certificate) and at the same time comfortable. Besides, it is super easy to keep clean.

It is a pretty expensive present, but sometimes it is worth to kick in with other people, because every rider will love this gift.

Samshield helmets

1. Miss Shield Shadowmatt helmet 2. Premium Top Crystal helmet 3. XC helmet

  1. ICONPACK backpack

Comfortable, capacious, and very practical backpack. It will be perfect both for packing for a competition, but also for everyday trainings. Due to a special expanding pocket it is possible to fit a helmet into it.

Samshield Iconpack backpack

  1. KINGSLAND rain jacket

It is quite a simple gift, but a very practical one. The weather can be fickle and riding in rain is difficult, which is why it is always good to have a transparent rain jacket, which is allowed in 90% of competitions that take place during rainy weather.

Kingsland rain jacket/coat

  1. Riding gloves

Riding gloves will be a good present for anybody. It is no secret that the more somebody trains, the more his or her gloves wear out. We recommend leather gloves V-SKIN from SAMSHIELD or the perfectly fitting ROECKL GRIP gloves.

gloves1. Samshield V-Skin gloves with Swarovski crystals 2. Samshield W-Skin gloves 3. Roeckl-Grip gloves

  1. Belt for breeches

The best ones are elastic belts, woven from rubber, very durable and practical, as they have no holes, you can fasten them exactly in the spot you need. The best elastic belts are the classic EQUILINE model or colorful belts from HORSEPILOT.


1. Equiline One woven belt 2. Equiline Maggie woven belt 3. Pikeur belt

  1. Vest

Each rider will be most happy to recieve a vest. Vests have many advantages. They keep us warm during chores in the stable and at the beginning of a training, and they are easy to take off once we're warmed-up.


1. Kingsland Classic down vest 2. Samshield quilted vest Swarovski 3. Equiline Jose vest

  1. KINGSLAND rubber boots

Anybody who rides and takes care of their horse, knows that rubber boots are a necessary item. They are useful while working on the paddock or in the stable. They are easy to keep clean and to put them on. What is more, the top part is made of a neoprene foam, so these boots fit nicely to your legs.

Kingsland rubber boots

  1. Cap

Cap with a visor is an inherent attribute of each rider. They are most popular in the summer, but there are also riders, who don't give up on them in the winter season.

Cap1. Kingsland Classic cap 2. Pikeur cap 3. Veredus Colored cap

  1. WHIS instruction system

It will be a perfect present both for a rider and for an instructor. It is helpful in training, improving communication. This system is neat, easy to use, and durable.


  1. Gift voucher

If you still don't know what to choose, you can always purchase a GIFT VOUCHER and then the gifted person can buy something they need or like for themselves (or their horse).

Equishop gitf voucher

We understand that everybody, who chooses a present, chooses it in a way that it would make the recipient as happy as possible. However, if it turns out that your gift missed somebody's taste, or is in a wrong size, don't worry. You can exchange or return the purchased goods to EQUISHOP up until January 31, 2018 (details HERE).

In another post you will find a list of presents for a rider, who prefers gifts for their horse than for themselves :) 

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